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Our new Alumni Platform will be launched imminently!

You will soon be able to find your colleagues and classmates, keep up to date on CEDEP news and events, schedule appointments with CEDEP alumni during your travel commitments, organise events amongst yourselves and access CEDEP resources and alumni newsletters.  Watch this space!  For any information, please contact debby.montelly@cedep.fr

New book by Philippe Silberzahn : Welcome to Incertitude!

CEDEP is proud to announce the new book of Philippe Silberzahn, CEDEP Faculty and Programme Director. Bienvenue en Incertitude! The bankruptcy of Lehmann Brothers, the 2008 crisis, Arab Spring, Greek crisis, emergence of Daesch, Fukushima accident, disappearance of Nokia, the surprise of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron – this list of […]

CEDEP and Meta-LUCID sign official partnership

After a successful 18 months of working together, CEDEP and Meta-LUCID have signed an official partnership together to continue to invest and develop new thinking and deliverables in the world of leadership competence. CEDEP is delighted to build on this exciting relationship and grow their network with Meta-LUCID. Download CEDEP – Meta-LUCID Press Release here

Digital Learning at CEDEP with Yellow/Sensorit

Following our Digital Inauguration in 2015, CEDEP has been using its digital tools increasingly in its programmes and club activities. A lot of our programme co-design is now done at a distance, we can get speakers to join events by webex (which means less cost for our members) and the best part, using our interactive […]

Simone-Eva Redrupp

Simone-Eva REDRUPP is a “third-culture national,” (tcn) educated in five countries on two continents, who has worked in 7 countries. She comes from the financial & hospitality services, and the consulting field, where she has held senior operational-, key account management and marketing positions with multinationals (Aperian Global, Lufthansa German Airline, Club Med, Citibank and […]