Wim Wuyts

Wim Wuyts is a seasoned professional in the international tax world and is now for about 8 years Vice-President, Global Head of Tax at Bekaert. He is part of the Bekaert Global Senior Leadership Team and plays an active role in leadership development and organizational change programs at Bekaert.

He has 20 years of global experience, leading global tax organizations and heading up major corporate reorganization programs. He has extensive M&A experience (over 50 deals, on all continents in all shapes and forms with main focus on structuring and financing).

As Program Director at CEDEP he spends 8 weeks a year on the INSEAD Campus in Fontainebleau co-leading the flagship General Management Program.

He is a frequently asked dynamic speaker at conferences, business schools, leadership programs and company events of which all revenue goes to his charity organization No Mountain Too High.

In 2004, he created the Belgian informal Tax Think Tank.

He is now more than 4 years the Chairman of the Tax Committee of the VBO-FEB (Belgian Employers Federation) and plays an active role in the Belgian legislative field.

In 2013, he was nominated for the 2013 Tax Man award.

Together with friends and experts, Wim has written the bestseller TWEAK IT! (2009) , a book on “mindful coaching”. The entire profit of the 9,000 sold books is donated to a charity project in India (www.vanakam.be).

His second book, “Ergens halverwege, een visie op internationaal fiscaal management” is available at Knopsbooks.com since October 21, 2013. The book is translated in English “On a Journey”.

In December 2013 he formally founded the “No Mountain Too High”-foundation (VZW).

Late 2015 Wim created the International School for Tax Leadership based on the CEDEP/INSEAD campus in Fontainebleau. The one week program already runs in Fontainebleau and will rotate through Sillicon Valley and Singapore.

Guido Verswijvel

Guido is owner and Managing Director of Gucy, active investor in and strategic advisor for the ambitious and growth-oriented entrepreneur/enterprise.  Based on his profound knowledge and practical expertise in Marketing as well as Finance, he can help to address the major strategic challenges that companies face from both angles.

Today Gucy is stakeholder in a number of small and medium sized Belgian companies, active in the distribution of automotive requirements (Pacauto), IT-Services (Asist), business centres (Officenter), etc.

Guido is Co-Founder and Board-Member of BAN Vlaanderen (Business Angel Network in the Flanders region (Belgium) and of Finpower (Financial Consultancy for medium sized businesses).

Guido is Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship at INSEAD, the Business School  for the World, with campuses in Fontainebleau / Singapore and Abu Dhabi).  He teaches the REP-elective in the MBA-Program in Fontainebleau (Realising Entrepreneurial Potential).

He is also Visiting Professor in Services Marketing at CEDEP (INSEAD Campus in Fontainebleau), and Director of the AME programme (Achieving Managerial Excellence) for executives.  He has given several in-company work-shops on Service Marketing (‘How to become a real customer-centric company’, ‘How to go from a PS to an SP (from a Product Seller to a Solution Provider’).

He is coach for the Marketing and Finance sessions in the Intrapreneurial Bootcamps of the Second Phase (an integrated process to stimulate innovation in SMCB-environments).

He is member of the jury for the PEBO Academy at Vlerick Business School (Platform for Entrepreneurial Buyouts) and also member of the Jury of The Second Phase (Intrepreneurial Bootcamps).

Guido holds a Master’s degree in Applied Economics (specialisation Econometrics and Information Technology) from the University of Antwerp.  He completed a doctoral program at the same university with a major in Marketing and a minor in Finance.  He is an alumnus of the MBA programme at INSEAD-Fontainebleau. He took all electives in Finance, while working as research assistant in the Marketing Department in order to finance his MBA studies.

He is co-author of Markpack (Marketing Decision Support System) and Bankstrat (a Strategic Marketing simulation for financial institutions)

For many years he was a Strategic Advisor in the Financial Services Industry, both at national and international levels.  Before becoming an independent entrepreneur, Guido was active in Banking (Director of Credits in a major Belgian bank) and Strategic Consulting (McKinsey).

Dominique Moïsi

Co-founder and Senior Advisor of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), Paris, Dominique is CEDEP’s political expert. Participants and members are avid fans of his current affairs knowledge and his excellent political advice for the future. His calm, wisdom and wit make him one of CEDEP’s favourite speakers.

Dominique studied Political Science at the Sorbonne and Harvard. Today, he is Pierre Keller Visiting Professor at Harvard and the Chairholder for Geopolitics at the College of Europe, the oldest educational institution in European affairs, in Natolin.

Also a regular contributor to top European newspapers, Dominique is also a member of the Internal Advisory Council of the Moscow School of Political Studies and the European Council on Foreign Relations.

He has had many publications including,

“L’historien entre l’ethnologue et le futurologue” under the direction of Jérôme Dumoulin et Dominique Moïsi, Mouton Editeur, Paris-La-Haye, 1972.

“Crises et guerres au XXe siècle : analogies et différences” under the direction of Dominique Moïsi, Travaux et recherches de l’IFRI, Economica, Paris, 1981.

“Le système communiste : un monde en expansion”, under the direction of P. Kende

“La géopolitique de l’émotion : Comment les cultures de peur, d’humiliation et d’espoir façonent le monde.”