Simone-Eva Redrupp

Simone-Eva REDRUPP is a “third-culture national,” (tcn) educated in five countries on two continents, who has worked in 7 countries. She comes from the financial & hospitality services, and the consulting field, where she has held senior operational-, key account management and marketing positions with multinationals (Aperian Global, Lufthansa German Airline, Club Med, Citibank and Disneyland Resort Paris in such countries as: France, Germany, USA, Mexico, Senegal, Austria, India, Belgium, Dubai, etc.. ).
An experienced Senior Facilitator, Trainer and Professor, she teaches, designs and facilitates international cross-cultural seminars for Fortune 500, CAC 40 multinational clients, as well as International Business Schools (INSEAD, etc.) from Finland to Namibia, and from the USA to India. Coaching international managers to leverage cultural differences as an asset is her primary mission, in addition to helping multicultural teams improve their cross-border collaboration and overall team effectiveness in a global environment. She also helps senior leadership teams in different geographic regions align their visions with head quarters, while focusing on building employee engagement across cultural differences and similarities. Helping high potential future managers to lead in an international arena are key elements of her action-learning and dynamic workshops. She also contributes to research on such topics as: global leadership, cross-cultural effectiveness, diversity and inclusion, etc.
Simone-Eva holds a BA degree from Rice University (Houston, Texas), coursework from the Albert Ludwigs Universität in Germany, and an MBA/MIM (Master in International Management) from The American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird) in Phoenix, Arizona. MBTI certified, she is in the process of becoming a certified coach.
Tri-cultural, Simone-Eva resides in Paris, France from where she lectures, facilitates and researches worldwide in French, English and German.

Dominique Moïsi

Co-founder and Senior Advisor of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), Paris, Dominique is CEDEP’s political expert. Participants and members are avid fans of his current affairs knowledge and his excellent political advice for the future. His calm, wisdom and wit make him one of CEDEP’s favourite speakers.

Dominique studied Political Science at the Sorbonne and Harvard. Today, he is Pierre Keller Visiting Professor at Harvard and the Chairholder for Geopolitics at the College of Europe, the oldest educational institution in European affairs, in Natolin.

Also a regular contributor to top European newspapers, Dominique is also a member of the Internal Advisory Council of the Moscow School of Political Studies and the European Council on Foreign Relations.

He has had many publications including,

“L’historien entre l’ethnologue et le futurologue” under the direction of Jérôme Dumoulin et Dominique Moïsi, Mouton Editeur, Paris-La-Haye, 1972.

“Crises et guerres au XXe siècle : analogies et différences” under the direction of Dominique Moïsi, Travaux et recherches de l’IFRI, Economica, Paris, 1981.

“Le système communiste : un monde en expansion”, under the direction of P. Kende

“La géopolitique de l’émotion : Comment les cultures de peur, d’humiliation et d’espoir façonent le monde.”