Autumn 2017 Club Events - Cedep

Content Lab – POSTPONED 2018
“Sharing and Scrutinising the CEDEP Member Experience”

Following your request at our last General Assembly, this year’s Content Lab will focus on ‘Sharing and Scrutinising the CEDEP Member Experience’. You expressed your aspiration to have more time to share and learn what other club members are doing and really meticulously study current programmes to see what you can learn and put into practice within your organisations.

As usual, the CEDEP Academic Committee will frame the day and be on-site to steer your discussions. We’ll take real life current member programmes as case studies from Renault, L’Oréal, ITT, Valeo and BMS to discover the key learnings and see what transferal learnings will take place!

Evening Event: “Build a Hand”

We’re planning a super evening of collaboration, teamwork and giving back in the evening which you won’t want to miss! We don’t want to give too much away but this very innovative event might give you a new idea for your upcoming programmes!

Advisory Committee: “Unusual Alliances”
Tuesday 28 November 2017


CEDEP News and Developments (Organisation, Certification, Israel)

New member presentation: NNE

New programme testimonials: Renault, LeadEnable, Bekaert

New AME Feedback and Where are we with the GMP



The Officience and Open Team Story (TBC): CEDEP learning from Start Ups

Valeo’s Start Up Work

New Org Transformation Programme: CEDEP and Splash’s next big thing