The CEDEP Academic Committee

Our Visionaries

A small intimate group including international faculty from top business schools, with years of business acumen and personal experience, the Committee meets regularly to challenge and innovate current pedagogical methods.

Another role is to benchmark and understand what other institutions are doing, and to sense who is doing what and how to stay on the cutting edge of executive education.

CEDEP is the perfect place to test new thinking in pedagogy and is constantly renewing its approach to learning. The Committee identifies new content which they debate and research before proposing as leading themes for the CEDEP Design week and Content Labs.

The Committee is an extension of CEDEP’s collaborative model – taking the best from different organisations and bringing it all together at CEDEP.

The CEDEP Academic Committee is made up of  David Champion, François Dupuy, Yvez Doz, Jules Goddard, Dominique JacquetJens Meyer, Anil SachdevLuk Van Wassenhove and Nadya Zhexembayeva.

The CEDEP Fellows

The CEDEP Fellows have one purpose: to stay close to the member companies. They are selected by our members who have a strong relationship with them. Each member company has a CEDEP Fellow.

The Fellows strengthen our relations with the member companies by making regular contact with the L&D/HR community, participants, senior executives, alumni and by knowing our members thoroughly.

Because they know the member companies inside out, the Fellows are able to anticipate and react to emerging trends, market difficulties and potential demands in order to proactively propose solutions and programmes that leverage our member companies’ training needs. The Fellows actively inspire, challenge and fortify the CEDEP community.

The CEDEP Fellows are Sam Abadir, François Dupuy, Christophe Gillet, Dominique Jacquet, Jens Meyer, Loic Sadoulet, Michael Shiel, Luk Van Wassehove.

Programme Directors

CEDEP’s Programme Directors are the constant link between member company contacts and participants.

Not only are they involved in the programme design but they teach in the programme and are present throughout the course to accompany the participants.

The CEDEP Programme Directors are Sam Abadir, Liri Andersson, Adrien Angliviel, Frank Azimont, Cam Danielson, Clive Gallery, Christophe Gillet, Thomas Hellwig, Dominique Jacquet, Jens Meyer, Loic Sadoulet, Philippe Silberzahn, Gerlinde Silvis, Guido VerswijvelCharles Waldman, Luk Van Wassehove, Nana von Bernuth and Wim Wuyts.

CEDEP Partners

CEDEP is fortunate to work alongside and with the support of many organisations and associations, including ABIS (The Academy of Business in Society), CISCO, EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), Emerging World, EquilibriaHeidrick and Struggles, Harvard Business Publishing, Meta-LUCID, SchoolabSoil (School of Inspired Leadership) and Splash Projects.

If you would like more information about how to become a partner or learn more about our partnerships, please contact Debby Montelly or Muriel Pailleux.

Club Activities

The Advisory Education Committee

A moment of sharing, innovating and learning, the Advisory Education Committee takes place twice a year and brings together HR and L&D experts from our member companies with CEDEP Management and Faculty. Its objective is to share current business concerns, best practices and news, as well as put new topics and themes on the table by inviting new speakers and leaders.

The meetings are buzzing and busy days, allowing members to not only connect to CEDEP and its faculty but to engage, develop relations and network with fellow member companies.

Together the committee explores next steps to allow their organisation and management development efforts to bear fruit, discusses CEDEP’s programmes and its companies’ needs and how together, we can work to improve tomorrow’s organisations.

The Content Lab

The Content Lab takes place once a year and brings together CEDEP’s member companies and faculty to cover three current and topical themes concerning business today.

Participants are assigned work groups to cover the topics which must be looked at from different angles. What are the problems? What are the solutions? What should you, your company and CEDEP be doing to help business progress today?

It’s a day of reflection, experience sharing and a moment to look at how we can develop the business of tomorrow. Themes are summarised and then developed further to produce content for CEDEP programmes.

The Design Week

The Design week is an annual two day workshop of co-design mixing together CEDEP partners, key faculty members and external contributors. There is one objective – brainstorming to design the next generation of programmes. Starting from the real business needs of our member companies and pioneering concepts from our Academic Committee of expert professors, the Design Week provides an experience our members have long wanted but have been unable to make reality.

Through group sharing and facilitating, this journey is designed to benefit all participants by way of opening perspectives and broadening horizons. The end result: new programmes “ready to launch”.