Executive Tax Leadership Program - Cedep

Executive Tax Leadership Program


In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, tax leaders need to align their tax strategy to the overall business strategy of their company.


Help senior tax leaders in their reflection on the complex and drastically changing fiscal world.

5 consecutive days

Target Audience

Senior Tax Professionals leading the global tax department of a multinational company or bank and Senior Tax Professionals leading a large region or division of a multinational company or bank. There will be no consultants or lawyers admitted to the program.

Program objective

First C-Suite equivalent training for Tax Executives. The business world and the Tax landscape are changing at an unseen pace. Governments across the globe are announcing tax measures faster than ever. International institutions such as the OECD, U.S., as well as the EU institutions and the G20 are imposing guidelines and hard laws on their respective member states in order to do away with harmful tax competition and overly aggressive tax planning. It is in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world that executive tax leaders need to align their tax strategy to the overall business strategy of their company.

A task that is more complex than ever and that requires different leadership skills and attitudes than only a few years ago.

The one-week program, which is co-designed between TEI and CEDEP, will combine the view of leading academic faculty in the domains of strategy, governance and leadership with the vision of top professionals from the global tax scene.

Wim Wuyts

Program Director

Wim founded in early 2015 the International School for Tax Leadership. The aspiration of his School of Thought is to co-create with CEDEP Executive Tax Leadership Programs, which will be organised across the globe. Wim Wuyts is a seasoned professional in the international fiscal world.

He has more than 20 years of international experience, leading global tax organizations and heading up major corporate reorganization programs.

He worked for the Belgian Government, Arthur Andersen, Levi Strauss, Baxter Inc., Agfa-Gevaert & Bekaert and is currently CEO of WTS Global.

Programme content

  • The rising complexity in the world of the Executive Tax Leader: What is complexity and what does it actually mean for us in the tax field? How to lead in a global and multi-cultural context?
  • Tools and insights to get better alignment with the overall company strategy: strategy, organization and people.
  • Organizational design: getting insights to design our tax department for Purpose.
  • Reflection on what is uncertainty… and how do deal with it in the tax world?
  • How to engage the organization? How to become a business partner?
  • Learn about Fair Process and get views on the dynamics of high performance teams
  • Tools to improve the communication flow in an organization: Lean Talk & dealing with difficult situations. How to talk about risk to someone who does not want to hear it?

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Muriel Pailleux
Director of Sales