Leadership and Safety Culture


Helps managers from all sectors to rise to the many challenges involved in creating a safety culture that really does lead to high performance. Middle and senior-level executives from all areas who would like to enhance their leadership skills by creating and maintaining outstanding safety standards – and vice versa. The programme is particularly useful for senior managers and those expecting to move into senior management in the future


4 consecutive days

Target Audience
Executives involved in plant management or responsible for physical distribution and manufacturing operations

Programme objective

  • Lead to go from a «reactive» to an «interdependent» Safety Culture in your area
  • Benchmark with the ‘best in class’, DuPont de Nemours: How have they become one of the safest companies with sustainable safety results?
  • Develop an attitude of permanent awareness and vigilance, go from ‘they’ to ‘we’
  • Face your responsibilities as accountable manager
  • Investigate the links between organisation and safety, management and safety, leadership and safety
  • Decode the human factors in risk judgement and decision making
  • Lead change including Safety Culture challenges
  • Detect ‘weak signals‘ decode surrounding signals, link management, stress and safety
  • Link individual behaviours with team working, middle management practises, higher management attitudes, organisational systems
  • Influence positively
  • Share and learn with and from others, build action plans, bring ideas and tools to transfer awareness and know-how to manage committees and middle management

Andrew Sharman

Programme Director

Andrew is an in-demand consultant, speaker and coach. He is based in Switzerland and works internationally with leaders, teams and organisations in NGOs, Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies – including the world’s biggest technology company, the most sophisticated fashion brand, the fastest Formula One team, and some of the largest businesses in the construction, pharmaceutical, FMCG, energy and mining sectors around the globe to improve their culture and enable excellence. Andrew is the Director of the Leadership and Safety Culture Programme at the European Centre for  Executive Development (CEDEP) in Fontainebleau, France and Professor of Risk Management at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Author of 8 books on Leadership Behaviour and Safety Culture, Andrew has chaired or given keynotes at more than 200 professional development events and conferences around the world.

Programme content

The programme aims to change the state of mind of managers about safety within their organisations, help them understand how safety is a central issue in their organisation’s structure and leadership; and how to develop awareness on a day to day basis.

Whatever your position is in the organisation chart, being a good manager means you must make your company a safer place. It’s the responsibility of senior managers to create a culture of safety, technical managers are supposed to build safe systems, and middle managers are in charge of promoting safe behaviour.

But a commitment to safety is not just part of the job description. Most management experts agree that leaders who demonstrate commitment to their team’s well-being inspire greater motivation and thus get teams to produce better work faster. In other words, paying attention to safety makes you a better manager and leader.

CEDEP’s innovative new Leadership & Saftety Culture programme helps managers from all sectors to rise to the many challenges involved in creating a safety culture that really does lead to high performance.

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Muriel Pailleux
Director of Sales