Mastering Business Excellence


The CEDEP MBE is our programme for regional talent and takes place off campus in different strategic locations requested by our members. The MBE is designed for executives with an average of 5 years of functional management experience. In general, they have gained managerial experience on-the-job. They are earmarked for geographically expanded functional responsibilities, broader general management roles within 1 to 3 years or larger team management responsibilities. Participants are high-potential managers between the ages of 25-35 years old, representing a variety of nationalities, and typically do not have an MBA.

Equip talented managers with a solid overview of general management priniciples in order to thrive in a cross-functional role

10 days

Target Audience
High-potential managers between 25-35 years old

Programme objective

Your global business would be nothing without your talent in the regions. This population is crucial for your future and has infinite potential. CEDEP wants to help your talent fulfill their potential and go beyond themselves. The decisions they make today and the people they surround themselves with will affect your organisation’s future. Regional focus and development plus cross fertilisation is key for innovative business today. The MBE will take participants on a journey of self-discovery. They will review their general business knowledge and question their leadership style.

CEDEP believes in its member companies and in their future. By bringing members of our community together with leading CEDEP faculty from all over the world, we hope to share knowledge, best practice, wisdom and experience to develop networks and work in the mutual interest to improve tomorrow’s organisations. This programme will immerse participants into a fast paced environment where they will go beyond their limits, learn to motivate teams and become better leaders for your organisations.

The MBE provides your participants and your organisations with a very efficient and effective means to share thinking across regions, as well as learn the tools to better appreciate geographical needs, polish management expertise and adjust leadership styles to help fulfill their full potential.

Sam Abadir

Programme Director

Sam holds an MBA from the Political Sciences Institute in Paris and a PhD in International Politics from Paris I. His research interests focus on the area of international negotiations and global awareness

Dominique Jacquet

Programme Director

Dominique is a CEDEP Fellow and Professor at the Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées, as well as a visiting scholar at INSEAD. He has held, amongst others, positions as Treasurer of Rank Xerox, France, then Administrative and Financial Director of Ferinel Industries. His areas of interest are: Corporate financial policy and Evaluation and control of high-tech projects and corporation.

Programme content

The Mastering Business Excellence (MBE) is a practical and regional leadership development programme for your junior/middle management talent. It will force participants to challenge themselves and stretch their thinking. Currently held in Shanghai, China and in Montreal in association with HEC (Canada), the MBE provides the tools to understand regional, operational and strategic needs, sharpen their leadership skills and adjust their management methods to help execute their objectives. It is an enriching hands-on programme which incorporates local visits as well as covering the classic hard operational skills, including Finance and Accounting, Negotiation, Strategy and Marketing amongst others.

Participants will leave the programme with :

  • The tools to understand regional needs, sharpen their leadership skills and adjust their management methods to help execute their objectives
  • The knowledge, skills and behaviours to understand, believe in and implement these learnings into their professional life
  • The chance to reflect on making better choices, to fully appreciate the significance of personal contribution to value creation, and see how individual decisions impact business as a whole
  • Real-world understanding and skills from the local region.

Contact :

 Kate Chauvire
Head of Sales