New book, Fly Africa by Eric Kacou

The CEDEP Team is delighted to announce the new book Fly Africa by Eric Kacou and Hassa El-Houry.

We all know that Africa is brimming with potential and enthusiasm. With foresight and commitment from industry leaders and support from governments, aviation could become one of the continent’s great strengths. Yet today, Africa’s aviation industry lags behind much of the world, the disparity visible in its run-down airports and its airlines. But this discrepancy is not inevitable…

In Fly Africa, Kakou, CEDEP Speaker, and El-Houry, Group CEO of National Aviation Services (NAS), the fastest growing aviation services provider in emerging markets, explain how the continent reached its current state and they examine the huge disparities between Africa’s handful of hubs as well as its many underserved cities and countries.

They collectively map a route to transform the continent’s aviation, highlighting its existing champions and illustrating the effects aviation can have on other sectors.

The content of Fly Africa is based on solid research and combined with personal knowledge and experience.

This makes this book an honest picture of the aviation industry in Africa and its great potential. Aviation can revitalize African economies and contribute to development. Fly Africa is a must-read for anyone who believes in aviation in Africa!