The future of the automobile by a CEDEP Alumnus

The future of the automobile by a CEDEP Alumnus: Interview (in French) with Philippe Chain, Independent Consultant, Electric Cars and Mobility and CEDEP GMP’97 Alum

New CEDEP restaurant and bar revamp

The new CEDEP restaurant and bar revamp has made our eating and drinking space so much lighter, modern, open and inviting. We hope you’ll be able to come by soon for lunch, or a drink, and discover the space for yourself! #cedepsmoving

Luk Van Wassenhove’s lastest case study “Humanitarian Agility in Action

Read Professor Luk Van Wassenhove’s lastest case study “Humanitarian Agility in Action” here. It tells the story of UNICEF, one of the largest humanitarian organisations in the world and how their vital supply lines into war-torn Yemen abruptly were broken by the Saudi-Arabian-led bombing, and how the organisation managed to swiftly adjust.

Professors Luk Van Wassenhove and Yves Doz are members of the CEDEP Academic Council.

“Strategic Agility” is among the topics covered in our Company Specific Programmes.

CEDEP Ladies’ Lunch

CEDEP Ladies’ Lunch today in Paris. Bringing together staff, faculty and members to share and learn.

Quizflip film on campus!

Last summer, we welcomed the QuizFlip team on campus to film some promotional material. QuizFlip is the world’s first electronic flashcard, providing the easiest way to learn and remember languages, maths and physics formulas, geography, law, or key historical events with no social distraction. We wish this entrepreneurial project lots of luck and were delighted to have taken part in the marketing film!

When CEDEP Leaders do the Haka

Digital Learning at CEDEP with Yellow/Sensorit

Following our Digital Inauguration in 2015, CEDEP has been using its digital tools increasingly in its programmes and club activities. A lot of our programme co-design is now done at a distance, we can get speakers to join events by webex (which means less cost for our members) and the best part, using our interactive post it software for brainstorming and sharing. Check out our recent video from a session with Valeo this summer!