With our partner E.CADEMY Dominique JACQUET, CEDEP is proud to offer you a new online finance tool, a constantly evolving finance and value creation training platform.

It is the first permanent online platform with a horizontal and transversal view of finance in the corporation. Every month, new valuable content is added in the form of vidcasts, educational videos, courses, exercises, contemporary case studies and blog posts.

This essential financial resource will help managers understand the basics of finance and value creation in order to make better decisions, manage budgets and allocate resources more efficiently.

For more information, please contact : muriel.pailleux@cedep.fr


E-Cademy Dominique Jacquet is one of CEDEP’s learning partnerships. This online, constantly evolving platform is CEDEP’s essential finance tool that offers the learner a continuous, concrete and adequate assimilation and mastery of contemporary financial practices.

Main objectives

  • Understand financial rationality and techniques for optimising decision-making
  • Memorize to maintain the level of understanding through continuing education
  • Master the tools of finance to assess the financial realism of projects and decisions


The E-Cademy is a permanent, subscription-based online platform offering training in contemporary finance and value creation. Every month, new content is added to the platform in the form of vidcasts, educational videos, courses, exercises or blog posts. Its unique approach allows both a horizontal and transversal view of finance in the corporation.



  • 4 “transversal” video modules describing the financial challenges encountered by operational staff
  • 10 “vertical” video modules on the basic financial tools

This content is an integral part of the platform and will evolve along the way


  • An educational film on key current issues
  • A vidcast (audio and video versions) about a business event in the form of storytelling
  • A blog post commenting on current events and links to relevant articles


  • Direct application exercises with problems, tests and solutions associated with the learning modules
  • Exercises based on real cases, at two levels: the fundamentals and the more advanced stage
  • The ability to evaluate your learning


  • A global WIKI on key financial terms.
  • A course on the investment process and a course on performance evaluation
  • A function to personalize the learning paths according to needs and interrogations


  • Courses and contents on controlling and supply chain management
  • An interactive “Entrepreneur’s Corner” for the commented study of specific cases.

Participant Profile

Director or manager of a large or small business unit, at any stage of the career, wishing to grasp or master essentials of finance & value creation, and understand financial decisions.

“In a world that is going to be dominated for many years by complexity and uncertainty, it is fundamental to implement, in companies as well as in entrepreneurial paths, transversal management methods to avoid silos. This platform promotes transversal management practices through improved and efficient interaction between operations and finance” Dominique Jacquet, Professor of Finance, CEDEP

Free webinar series

CEDEP, in partnership with SOIL Institute of Management, is proud to offer to its Members and its ecosystem a free webinar series of 8 inspiring sessions about ‘Responsible Leadership In The Time Of Crisis’.

Starting from April 27th, Europe & India’s thought leaders get together every Monday and Wednesday over 4 weeks for this insightful pro-bono business leadership programme, designed for CXOs and Business Heads.

Manager Development Programme (Virtual)

With our partners Meta LUCID, we are proud to offer our Virtual Leadership Development initiative. Develop the leadership potential of your first-line managers, supervisors and team leaders with a virtual based programme, facilitated by Growth Mindset certified practitioners. From a library of over 20 modules, we are able and willing to custom design content and material to meet the context of your organisation and the need of your people. For more information: muriel.pailleux@cedep.fr

CEDEP & Live for Good Partnership

We are delighted to announce our official partnership with Live for Good, the Association set up by the Courtois family to support young entrepreneurs.

On Saturday, 21 July, CEDEP will host Live for Good’s Selection Day where 90 entrepreneurs will pitch their pioneering ventures and 50 will be chosen to attend the Entrepreneur for Good programme which will begin at CEDEP end August. The content for the programme has been co-designed between CEDEP and Live for Good and we are very excited about this unique new course which gives both the entrepreneurs and the CEDEP community the opportunity to learn from one another.

Please find attached the press release concerning the partnership and don’t hesitate to contact Debby Montelly if you have any questions or would like more information.



CEDEP Partnership with Live for Good

In partnership with Live for Good, CEDEP will be developing a new 3-month programme this year to give 50 young entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore, test and launch their projects which will have a social impact.

The CEDEP Team had the opportunity to meet some of the entrepreneurs on Thursday 8 March at the Open Mind Kfé where the Live for Good team presented their 2018 plans.

CEDEP is also very happy to have these inspiring entrepreneurs pitching at CEDEP’s Annual Alumni Reunion this year on Friday 15 June.

CEDEP and Meta-LUCID sign official partnership

After a successful 18 months of working together, CEDEP and Meta-LUCID have signed an official partnership together to continue to invest and develop new thinking and deliverables in the world of leadership competence. CEDEP is delighted to build on this exciting relationship and grow their network with Meta-LUCID.

Download CEDEP – Meta-LUCID Press Release here