Management & Philosophy Programme

Why Are The Most Successful Companies Teaching Their Managers To Use Philosophy To Lead? 

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Please be aware that our exciting new CEDEP ‘Management & Philosophy Programme’ has been postponed to March 2021, due to the COVID crisis. For more information please contact   

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Manager Development Programme (Virtual)

With our partners Meta LUCID, we are proud to offer our Virtual Leadership Development initiative. Develop the leadership potential of your first-line managers, supervisors and team leaders with a virtual based programme, facilitated by Growth Mindset certified practitioners. From a library of over 20 modules, we are able and willing to custom design content and material to meet the context of your organisation and the need of your people. For more information:

Leadership & Safety Culture

Learn how to motivate people, influence behaviour, and be an inspiring leader who drives a successful business through health and safety. With best-selling author and President of the IOSH, Dr Andrew Sharman. And CEDEP Executive Education Club. From IOSH magazine :


20 years of partnership and collaboration! – 12-14 June 2019

Safe, has been a member of CEDEP for over 20 years and this week they will organise for the second year running their Annual Sales Convention at CEDEP with over 80 participants.

Safe President, Gérard Mura and General Director Frédéric Schwartz will be at CEDEP to introduce the event. 

Safe is the world leader in airbag covers and trim parts for the automotive sector, and in cast steel components (made using green sand).

This year’s Sales Convention focuses on Brain Exchange in the buyer’s mind and teambuilding, with different branch meetings organised and a big emphasis on thanking their teams for all their hard work and reinforcing cohesion.

Long may our collaboration continue.

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L’Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Programme at CEDEP

Since 2018, CEDEP has been privileged to partner with the Fondation L’Oréal on their For Women in Science (FWIS) programme and will do so once again from 8-10 March. FWIS Fellows gather to benefit from a training programme that helps to strengthen their career, with the objective being to empower them to pursue their ambitions and break the glass ceiling more easily. This three-day training course, provided by international experts selected by both the Fondation L’Oréal and CEDEP, addresses different disciplines such as leadership development, management, communication and public speaking, as well as communication.

CEDEP is truly delighted to welcome the FWIS Fellows back to campus!

L’Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science Programme at CEDEP

Women in Science Programme at CEDEP

CEDEP is honoured to host and contribute to L’Oréal’s 2018 Women in Science Programme which runs from 16-20 March. It is a privilege for CEDEP to be trusted with this valuable and inspirational initiative celebrating women. As a member of the CEDEP club since its very foundation in 1969, CEDEP counts over 8,000 L’Oréal alumni among its alumni community. Over the last 50 years, we have worked very closely together to develop cutting edge programmes and develop exceptional leaders.

This four-day Women in Science programme is prompted by the wish to encourage women to focus on their communication, management, creativity, innovation, and most importantly on their entrepreneurial skills. The sessions have been designed to bring a hands-on approach and will be led by a diverse pool of experts in their respective fields, either coming from academia, the corporate world, or the performing arts. Nana von Bernuth, Business Coach at CEDEP and INSEAD, will take the role of Programme Director. In order to get the feel of an entrepreneurial spirit, the kick off will take place at the co-working and start-up space, SchooLab, one of CEDEP’s partners, and the programme will finish at UNESCO in Paris with the 2018 presentation and diploma ceremony for the five Laureates on Thursday 22 March.

The L’Oréal-UNESCO initiative was launched 20 years ago to support, recognise and encourage accomplished women researchers. Over the last 20 years, 2,800 women scientists have been recognised in 115 countries with 97 Laureate awards given to honour excellence in science, including two who went on to win the Nobel Prize. 2,723 talented young women have been granted Fellowships to pursue promising research projects and in 2017, 275 Fellowships were given worldwide from amongst 9,000 applications. The rigorous selection process involves 353 scientists.

CEDEP is one of the only international executive education clubs worldwide. CEDEP brings together companies of diverse industries from all over the globe to share best practices, develop networks and work in the mutual interest of improving tomorrow’s organisations. This is a truly unique opportunity for CEDEP and we are grateful to welcome the L’Oréal and UNESCO teams to Fontainebleau. Holding this seminar for outstanding scientists together recognises our excellent joint collaboration over the years.