The Advisory Education Committee

This bi-annual committee is THE CEDEP Community event.

Primarily designed for our HR and L&D experts, the Committee gives members the opportunities to share and learn from each other around their programmes.

We use the morning for our members to present their newly run programmes – how the idea came about, how it went, the challenges, the feedback – and for other members to get ideas, ask questions, share similar programmes or learn from the club.

We use the afternoon to share new, exciting and unconventional content and present new faculty or speakers.

Twice a year, it provides members with the time to engage with CEDEP, find out what’s new, meet new members and share common problems, exchange and experiment.

NEXT EVENT: 26 September 2019

The Design Day

The DESIGN DAY gives members the opportunity to think differently and CEDEP faculty and experts are there to encourage you to push your programmes beyond your dreams and expectations.

Together, we aspire for you to share ideas across industries, positions, cultures and experience and invent the most memorable, life-impacting programmes the executive education world has ever seen!

We take your individual business needs, break out into groups, brainstorm, design, innovate and have fun before reporting back to the group our ideas and concrete suggestions for future programmes to take away. You should be able to understand and take away the ideas from all the groups, whether you participated in them or not! Ideas, aspirations and content is generated and you leave with not only novel advice but new friends!

NEXT EVENT: Date to be confirmed

The Content Lab

The CONTENT LAB is focused on a mutual, topical challenge. From our General Assembly we often learn of current content or themes that are shared concerns to many members (past examples include HR, Lost in Management, Digital) and need development and experimentation together to discover how to evolve and resolve them. We ask how you, your organisation and CEDEP can move forward on the theme, and whether programme development could provide a solution.

NEXT EVENT: 24 October 2019