Average membership duration of over fifteen years

With over twenty member companies and an average membership duration of fifteen years, CEDEP and its member companies have a special history. Our faculty have followed our member companies and know their stories.

Members are accepted into the club by other members to maximise learning and networking opportunities, as well as tackle similar challenges from different industry contexts. Members are asked to participate actively in Annual General

Meetings and CEDEP Member Activities (Advisory Education Committee, Content Labs, Design Days) as well as send participants annually.


What our members say

Businesses are constantly experiencing new environnements and new cultures. There in an urgent need to create new leaders at all levels.

Tata Steel’s involvement with CEDEP has been extremely useful and productive. Till now over 100 of our executives have participed in the CEDEP programmes and these executives have been primarily responsible for transforming Tata Steel into a vibrant, high energy, enthusiastic and ambitious organization. As we internationalise Tata Steel more and deal with more different environments and cultures, CEDEP will have even more meaning to us.

B. MuthuramanVice Chairman - Tata Steel

L’Oréal has a long history witch CEDEP, being one of its founders. It occupies a central and essential part of our development program for managers, offering a blend of academic excellence, business reality and personal experience, drawn from a range a diverse sources.

The unique combinaison is made possible by the strength of the faculty available to CEDEP, and by tis close links with participating Companies.

Geoff SkingsleyChairman of L’Oréal UK and Ireland

The SAFE Group was created by merging small companies operating in very specific market niches. It is still very decentralized giving flexibility and versatility for better service to our custumers. The CEDEP SAFE specific program has decisively contributed to the creation of a common culture and to the integration of human factors in performance improvements. The deepening of the financial understanding has also largely contributed to the Working Capital reduction needed in an LBO structure. Finally, CEDEP, thanksto the exceptional quality of the professors, the programs and the environment, has been a key factor in our global success.

Gérard MuraChief Executive Officer - Safe