Happier business means better business

CEDEP’s ambition is to help its organisations achieve their own goals as well as develop their collective role within society.

The CEDEP club fosters long-term engagement and an in depth understanding of members’ needs.

CEDEP is always looking for new faculty to help its members tackle topics that confront their daily functioning and to design programmes that help members adapt to the business world of today.

The Sky’s not the limit – CEDEP’s options are limitless and we strive to cross boundaries and break routines!

Open collaboration

By bringing organisations together regularly for events such as the Advisory Committee, Design Week and the Content Lab, CEDEP’s club promotes mutual collaboration between all member companies. Everyone commits to active participation and there is a strong sense of trust and discretion. Executive development programmes are co-designed, co-created and co-managed.

With the help of CEDEP’s Academic Committee and Fellows, members spend much time designing programmes and keeping them contemporary. With forty years of experience and solid business relations, CEDEP’s team and faculty have followed their members’ development and history which is key to CEDEP’s success.

Benefits of CEDEP

Mutual collaboration between all member companies

The unique benefits of the club for members are:

  • flexibility and adaptation to its companies’ requirements
  • mutual collaboration between all member companies
  • active participation in the co-design, co-creation and co-management of programmes
  • the opportunity to participate actively and strongly to influence the development of curriculum
  • mutual trust and discretion between members at club events
  • sharing and networking opportunities
  • access to CEDEP’s huge network of faculty, speakers and experts
  • opportunities to attend five annual open enrolment programmes or design unique company specific programmes
  • CEDEP facilities prioritised for members