Welcome to CEDEP, the first international executive education club.

We pride ourselves in bringing together people, values and ideas from around the world to explore and change the way we think and work. Each year we welcome nearly 2,000 participants from 20 member companies, including some of the world’s leading businesses, to our beautiful campus in Fontainebleau, where they can take time out to reflect, review and improve their practice of management.

With a network of 100 visiting faculty and lecturers based all over the globe, CEDEP offers its members some of the leading thinkers in management. At biannual events, we work with members to uncover emerging themes and exchange ideas with managers in other industries.

The Sky’s not the limit – CEDEP’s options are limitless and we strive to cross boundaries and break routines!

Just walking through the door at CEDEP, you can feel the difference by the smell of the place. There is a sense of community, sanctuary and belonging: a pretty unusual sensation for an executive education club.

Maybe it’s because…

… the majority of their members have had on average a membership duration of between fifteen and forty years. That shows exceptional club loyalty. The faculty stay too. They know the members intimately and have followed the members’ paths and know their stories.

… their brochures tell you to ‘make yourself at home’ and treat CEDEP like your second home.

the campus built specifically for executive education and set in the Fontainebleau forest, allows little desire to leave: there are two bars, 126 bedrooms, a gym and Jacuzzi, a spacious restaurant and terrace, as well as four amphis, six flat rooms and numerous towers for group work, all with the latest digital equipment needed for today’s organisations.

CEDEP’s human sized campus means that the faculty and staff go out of their way to make your stay pleasant: there is a flexibility and kind heartedness rarely seen in business education today.

the members feel comfortable to share their challenges at annual meetings such as the Advisory and the Design Days. There is a sense of trust and discretion which is quite extraordinary and leads us to believe that the club concept really is powerful.

… there is no resident faculty: CEDEP hand picks the best specialists in their industry, whether it be professors, executives, coaches or gurus. Members explain what they need and CEDEP uses its huge network to find the right person for the job. Company specific programmes are distinctive and personalised to respond to members’ needs. Programme Directors are responsive and adaptable, bursting with ideas and happy to cooperate during design, delivery and post programme follow up which means there is far reaching business impact. Open Enrolment Programmes offer exceptional opportunities to meet, mix, share and learn from other members and build lifelong friendships.

For all these reasons, CEDEP is different. I can assure you that once you arrive, you will find it difficult to leave.