Digital Installations

The CEDEP Lab is the new creative design space at CEDEP. There is a high performance video conferencing system which allows the CEDEP team and members to collaborate wherever they are in the world.

There is a dual camera system (with full HD video resolution) which allows participants in the video meeting to see the active speaker.

There is a tactile, 84 inch interactive screen with a 4K resolution which permits users to select, write and delete content with a special pen or their hand. CEDEP has also adopted the Yellow software which encourages collaborative learning and group brainstorming to make classes and meetings more interactive and dynamic.

Amphi D has been completely revamped. There is a new, high performance video conferencing system in place which also has a dual camera system, full HD video resolution and can share HD content. There is another 84 inch screen in the amphi which has all the same possibilities as the CEDEP Lab one – Yellow software, tactile and interactive options.

CEDEP hopes to improve productivity through this equipment by meeting people in multiple countries in one day, being able to replay important material, invite new speakers at a distance and simplify our members’ schedules.

There are no limits – only your imagination!