Digital Thinking

Today CEDEP is generating more ideas and discussion on the issues associated with creating growth and value for businesses in a digital world. We want to help our organisations understand what digital literacy is and support them developing their skills, as well as establish ethical values for their workforce.

With our newly installed digital tools found all over the CEDEP campus, we want to facilitate digital use and make sure that all our participants and friends feel at ease with digital, understand it and know how it can make their lives easier. From web conferencing systems to interactive screens, digital is progressing the way we work and making it simple.

From experience we have acknowledged that there is some apprehension in the classroom about digital and taking the lead on this taboo topic.

With our digital experts, we want to start exploring the ways in which our participants are already using mobile and web based technologies.

Many of them are already actively engaging with tech for personal use, through Facebook, Skype and mobile phone apps. Relating personal digital use to using technology at work provides an easy way to start the conversation.

In partnership with Cisco, Elit Technologies and Sensorit, in February 2016, CEDEP held a Digital Inauguration event to celebrate its new digital equipment.

We now have The CEDEP Lab for digital use and for programme design at a distance and new tools in Amphi D and our conference room.

We have screens all over campus to assist participants with their programme logistics and keep them informed on latest CEDEP news and events.