Stéphane likes action and challenges. Although originally a Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, and having worked many years in the corporate field, Stéphane’s real preference is being on the ground in human-sized organisations where he can use his vast people, operational and finance skills to truly make a difference to the company culture and its impact on society.

His multidimensional skills and flexibility from working in a variety of industries in France, Germany and Belgium, took him to CEDEP in 2012, where he is now the General Secretary, in charge of operations, finance, personnel, administration and campus management.

Previously, Stéphane worked as an auditor at E & Y, then in various corporate functions for the major communication group Havas. His adaptability then took him to field and operational management positions in press, TV, transportation and radio advertising (RTL), and finally to street furniture and billboard companies, among them JCDecaux and Clear Channel.

His varied and multi-country experiences have enabled him to understand the challenges of both public and private companies across industries.

Stéphane’s specialties are organisational efficiency through finance and transversal, multi-cultural team management.

He also has a Masters in Executive Management from SBS.