Company Specific Programmes

Like CEDEP itself, our member companies are unique,  as are their company specific programmes.

And sometimes, an individual organisation will require CEDEP’s unique skills and services to create a highly personalised programme for its own executives who are facing a very particular problem. CEDEP strives to respond to each member’s needs and create content and programmes which fit their distinctiveness.

Members and CEDEP closely collaborate to co-design company specific programmes to best meet their management learning requirements. Company Specific Programmes are designed to give answers or raise pertinent questions regarding current business challenges. A programme can cover management disciplines in depth or in breadth, as needed. Content and faculty are sourced from our global network.

Members are also welcome to bring into their programmes their own preferred faculty and speakers. CEDEP can support the delivery of these programmes on the Fontainebleau campus or at any off-campus worldwide location chosen by the member company. The flexibility, responsiveness, and close cooperation during design, delivery, and post-programme follow-up results in far reaching business impact.