Open Enrollment Programmes

OEPs have run for over forty years at CEDEP. The General Management Programme (GMP), our leading programme, was launched in 1971 but is revamped continuously to adapt to the complexities of our ever changing business world.

OEPs give the member companies the privilege to meet, mix, share and learn from each other. Top faculty from all over the world teach in these programmes which cover all domains from Organisational Behaviour to Fair Process Leadership in Governance and Risk Management.

Programme content is varied with simulations, case studies, group work, team building and discussions all involved.

CEDEP offers five OEPs:


General Management Programme

The GMP is CEDEP’s leading, most demanding and senior programme.


Achieving Managerial Excellence

Establishing the path to excellence.

Mastering Business Excellence

The CEDEP MBE is our programme for regional talent and takes place off campus in different strategic locations requested by our members.


Leadership and Safety Culture

Helps managers from all sectors to rise to the many challenges involved in creating a safety culture that really does lead to high performance.


Accelerating Business Excellence

A unique Journey from Management to Leadership.