Accelerating Business Excellence


Inspired by the Achieving Managerial Excellence (AME) & Mastering Business Excellence (MBE), the flagship programs hosted by CEDEP in Europe,
North America and China, SOIL and CEDEP are proud to bring the Accelerating Business Excellence (ABE) program to India.

The ABE is designed to increase the business skills and leadership capabilities of managers who lead Key Units, Departments or Functions, and aspire to be senior leaders in their organizations. It builds on two existing flagship programs: the first, the MBE, consolidates functional management skills and helps participants gain a holistic view of the entire corporation; the second, the AME, focuses on learning to get things done with and through others. The ABE brings together the best of these two programs to accelerate the careers of high-potential managers, with a specific attention to the Indian context.

Fast-track your career and learn to better navigate the changing business landscape

1 module of 9 days

Target Audience
Department/functional managers with 12+ years of work experience in mid-sized and large organizations

Programme objective

The ABE will take participants on a journey of self-discovery into management and leadership. They will gain insight and obtain valuable tools to enhance their business knowledge which will be beneficial in their day to day business functions. Participants will also acquire a better understanding of the behavior and leadership skills required to conduct their projects successfully through the organization and take on the genuine role of a leader in today’s fast-moving business world.

The ABE prepares managers for the next step in their career, towards leadership roles, in a regional context.

Vijay Ghei

Programme Director

Committed to Design Thinking and its application to real life issues, Vijay consults about this topic and facilitates its application in business. He is visiting Professor of Design Thinking and teaches design thinking, problem solving and consulting skills at business schools and universities in India and South Asia. He facilitates in-company executive workshops and mentors building of in-house capability for product and service design thinking.

Programme content

Participants will take an in depth dive into matters like “What is the value in the scenario?” (value chain and beyond!), “how to navigate the modern organization” (digital transformation, business analytics, design thinking & nudging), “excelling in core management disciplines” (finance, strategy and operations) and “how to become a role model and coach”. The design includes a visit to a start-up community to contrast classic versus emerging organizations. Blended together, all the themes help participants to create the perfect environment to maximize their learnings and apply new ideas on a big scale, to have an impact on overall performance as well as the culture of the company.

The ABE takes a Multiple Intelligence based approach to learning which involves facilitated dialogue and class room sessions, strategic business projects, storytelling, role playing, informal sessions with distinguished leaders, and networking opportunities, to provide new insights.

Each participant will develop their individual project in line with the strategy of their company. They will be asked to prepare their challenge before they arrive on campus for the program. These projects will serve as a red-thread during the program and will be used as learning enablers during the discussion. They will nurture their project over the course of the program, identifying bottlenecks and enablers to collaboration in their organization.

Benefits and Impact

– Reinforced management knowledge and competences
– Deeper, more commanding insights into the leadership of cross-company projects
– A more strategic approach to the corporation, its environment and today’s challenges
– Identification of areas for value creation, new thinking and opportunities
– Gaining the posture of a leader and developing agile leadership skills
– Understanding of regional needs

The School of Inspired Leadership is co-created by a group of 32 Multinational and Indian companies from across industry verticals who believe in the value proposition of creating leaders with a focus on the triple bottom line. SOIL has over 17 years’ experience in HR consulting and Leadership Development.

The program is designed for companies to prep
are the ‘manager of the future’ who is capable of solving cross functional, multidimensional and complex problems, that the corporate world of today faces while continuing to focus on Ethics and Sustainability.

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Muriel Pailleux
Director of Sales