The General Management Programme


The GMP is CEDEP’s leading, most demanding and senior programme. The GMP is for high energy and high potential accomplished senior managers and executives. GMP participants seek to sharpen their business acumen and their ability to react to a complex business environment.

Develop senior general managers who are able to cope with the complexity of modern business

2 modules of 11 days each

Target Audience
General managers with 12-15 years managerial experience.

Programme objective

How do we stay agile, motivated and effective when the speed, scope and scale of business  are beyond our control?

The new CEDEP GMP, an intellectual and inspirational whirlwind, helps to ask questions  to develop the leadership population  of tomorrow.

From the crazily fast world of digital to  the surging African markets, passing by alignment and keeping up with sustainability, the new GMP has been built as a journey through which participants experience a different way of doing things. Not only will they learn and put into practice their learning in the GMP, but before even arriving at CEDEP, participants are asked to identify one of the core strategic issues they personally, or their business,  is currently facing. This problem is then shared, discussed and elaborated upon during the programme with the member company sponsors and the CEDEP team who all work together to resolve the issue and move it forward (Projects all remain strictly confidential). This process helps integrate the learning and have more impact back in  the office post programme.

Our job is to inspire, awaken and impact participants – to get them asking the right questions about where they want to go in the future and how to react actively. Our human-sized campus makes the new GMP impactful – the atmosphere is comfortable and quiet, finally giving participants  the space and time to reflect – a rare privilege these days. GMP sessions and debates are based on  the real existing cases of our participants and members which means the aim is concrete action and tangible answers.

The new GMP doesn’t stop once the participants leave CEDEP, it’s only just beginning.

Wim Wuyts

Programme Director

Wim Wuyts is a seasoned professional in the international tax world.  He is currently CEO of WTS Global and was previously Vice-President, Global Head of Tax at Bekaert. He was part of the Bekaert Global Senior Leadership Team and played an active role in leadership development and organizational change programs at Bekaert.

He has 20 years of global experience, leading global tax organizations and heading up major corporate reorganization programs. He has extensive M&A experience (over 50 deals, on all continents in all shapes and forms with main focus on structuring and financing).

As Program Director at CEDEP he spends 8 weeks a year on the INSEAD Campus in Fontainebleau co-leading the flagship General Management Program.

He is a frequently asked dynamic speaker at conferences, business schools, leadership programs and company events of which all revenue goes to his charity organization No Mountain Too High.

In 2004, he created the Belgian informal Tax Think Tank.

He is now more than 4 years the Chairman of the Tax Committee of the VBO-FEB (Belgian Employers Federation) and plays an active role in the Belgian legislative field.

In 2013, he was nominated for the 2013 Tax Man award.

Together with friends and experts, Wim has written the bestseller TWEAK IT! (2009) , a book on “mindful coaching”. The entire profit of the 9,000 sold books is donated to a charity project in India (

His second book, “Ergens halverwege, een visie op internationaal fiscaal management” is available at since October 21, 2013. The book is translated in English “On a Journey”.

In December 2013 he formally founded the “No Mountain Too High”-foundation (VZW).

Late 2015 Wim created the International School for Tax Leadership based on the CEDEP/INSEAD campus in Fontainebleau. The one week program already runs in Fontainebleau and will rotate through Sillicon Valley and Singapore.

Programme content

  • Welcome:  Heroes, Teams and Dynamics
  • Living with identity:  The World, its movements and trends…
  • The strategic soul:  Strategy, Sensitivity, Customer Insights,  The Quest for Innovation
  • Moving towards essence: Leadership, Unity, Corporate Culture….
  • Fully committed :  Leadership Inside, Mastering Complexity, Understanding Organisations
  • Achieving our goal:  Resource, Fluidity, Managing Operations, Getting it Done!
  • The journey is complete:  You conquered and you will relive it! Connect.

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Director of Sales