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The CEDEP club is made up of international member companies from diverse and non-competing industries.

With an average membership duration of 15 years it is built on long-term and close relationships and operates as a collaborative learning community.

We are able to leverage our collective intelligence through active participation and our unique and open exchange between member companies, taking advantage of best practice sharing between members tacking similar challenges in different industries.

We are co-run and co-governed by our member companies.

How to Become a Member

CEDEP members are private and public entities that do not compete with each other in order to create a safe space for sharing. By creating a collaborative learning community of diverse organisations, CEDEP allows members to express their current challenges and find out how they are tackled in other industries.

Please reach out if you:

  • Believe in building or transforming your organisation through the development of your leaders
  • Are looking to cocreate programmes that are tailored to your specific context
  • Want to actively engage with CEDEP members in order to leverage its collective intelligence
  • Wish to benefit from a large network of experts and professors from the world’s leading business schools

A club member since 1969, Bekaert is a world leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. The company was founded in 1880 and now has 28,000 employees worldwide with headquarters in Belgium.


A club member since 2006, bioMérieux has been a global leader in in vitro diagnostics for more than 55 years. bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions which determine the source of disease and contamination to improve patient health and ensure consumer safety. The company is headquartered in France.


A club member since 1996, Bristol Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. The company is headquartered in the United States.


A club member since 2008, Brambles is a supply-chain logistics company that specialises in the pooling of unit-load equipment and associated services, focusing on the outsourced management of pallets, crates and containers. Brambles operates in more than 60 countries with headquarters in Australia.


A club member since 2005, CGG is a global geoscience technology leader. CGG provides a comprehensive range of data, products, services and equipment that supports the discovery and responsible management of the Earth’s natural resources. The company has around 4,600 people worldwide with headquarters in France.


A club member since 2018, Daher is an aircraft manufacturer and an industry and service equipment supplier. The company designs and develops products and systems that respond to critical issues in the aerospace sector: Daher was founded in 1863 and is now present in 13 countries with headquarters in France.


A club member since 2020, Garrett Advancing Motion is the world’s leading pioneer of turbo technologies used by nearly every major global auto maker. The company was founded in 1936 and now has over 7,500 employees, 5 R&D centers and 13 manufacturing plants worldwide with headquarters in Switzerland.


A club member since 2016, ITT and sales offices is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for the transportation, industrial, and oil and gas markets. ITT is headquartered in the United States with employees in more than 35 countries and sales in approximately 125 countries.


A club member since 1969 and the world’s largest cosmetics company, L’Oréal has devoted itself business to beauty for over a century with a mission of offering all women and men worldwide the best of cosmetics innovation in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.


A club member since 2011, Moët Hennessy is the Wines and Spirits division of LVMH. The company has a range of 22 wines and spirits brands like no other in the world. The company has headquarters in France.


A club member since 2017, NNE is an international company specialised in pharma engineering that helps pharmaceutical companies bring products to market. The company has close to 2,000 professionals delivering global knowledge and best practices at 3 locations around the world, with headquarters in Denmark.


A club member since 1978. Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer established in 1899. The company produces a range of cars and vans, and has manufactured trucks, tractors, tanks, buses/coaches, aircraft and aircraft engines, and autorail vehicles. Renault has been linked to the Japanese manufacturers Nissan since 1999 and Mitsubishi since 2017, through the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, which is the world's leading automobile manufacturer.


A club member since 2008, Safe is an international industrial group founded in 1968 that produces technical components in cast steel and injection molded plastic for the transportation sector, for public works and mining machinery and for industrial furnaces. The company employs over 3k employees in 14 countries and 3 continents with its headquarters in Switzerland.

TATA Steel

A club member since 1990, Tata Steel is among the top steel producing companies in the world. It’s one of the world's most geographically-diversified steel producers, with operations and commercial presence across the world. Tata Steel operates in 26 countries with key operations in India, Netherlands and United Kingdom with its largest plant located In Jamshedpur.


A club member since 2022, Transvalor is a leading French company offering end-to-end digital manufacturing simulation solutions fully integrated into the development cycle for manufactured products, from the R&D phase through costing figures to final industrialisation. More than 1000 companies worldwide, representing thousands of users, trust Transvalor’s state-of-the-art products.

François ROGER
Chief Human Resources Officer, Renault Group
Silas Egelund Volfing
Vice President HR, NNE
elisabeth araujo
Managing Director Europe Zone, Active Cosmetics Division, L'oréal
Yvonne sum
Head of leadership pratice, l'oreal univeristy regional campus asia, middle east, north africa
stéphane guyon
General Manager, Learning & Development , Renault Group
international Business Development director

Please contact Mohsen for more information about becoming a member

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