Internal Rules & Regulations

Internal Rules & Regulations


These Rules apply to all participants. Each participant is deemed to accept the terms of this contract when attending training provided by CEDEP.


All persons undergoing training must comply with the present regulations in all matters relating to the application of health and safety regulations, as well as the general and permanent rules relating to discipline.


Each participant must ensure his personal safety and that of others by complying with the general and specific safety instructions in force at the training site, as well as with hygiene regulations. However, in accordance with article R.6352-1 of the Labour Code, when the training takes place in another place or an establishment already having internal regulations, the health and safety measures applicable to the participants are those of the latter regulations.


All participants must abide by procedures set forth for the safety and security of participants and the campus. Participants are required to wear their programme badges around campus for reasons of security and campus access

Fire instructions, including a plan for the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits, shall be posted on the organisation’s premises in such way as to be known to all participants.
In the event of an alert, the participant shall cease all training activities and calmly follow the instructions of the authorised representative or the emergency services.
Any participant witnessing the start of a fire must alert a representative of CEDEP or, failing that, call 112 from his or her mobile phone.
Demonstrations or drills are planned to check the operation of fire-fighting equipment and evacuation prevention instructions.


Any accident or incident that occurs during or in the course of training must be immediately reported by the injured participant or persons witnessing the accident to the person in charge of the organisation. The latter takes the appropriate steps in terms of care and makes the necessary declarations to the competent authorities.


It is forbidden for participants to enter or stay in a state of drunkenness or drug addiction at CEDEP, as well as to bring alcoholic beverages or narcotics.


Smoking is prohibited in the training rooms and more generally on CEDEP premises, except in the outdoor areas provided for this purpose.


Trainees must comply with the schedules fixed and communicated in advance by CEDEP.
Except in special circumstances, participants may not be absent during training hours.
In the event of absence, delay or departure before the scheduled time, participants must inform the trainer and justify themselves: CEDEP immediately informs the funder of this event.
In addition, the participant is required to fill in the sign-in sheet as the program progresses and may be asked to complete a training assessment.
Any absence or delay not justified by special circumstances shall constitute misconduct punishable by disciplinary action.


Unless expressly authorised by the management or the head of the training organisation, participants who have access to CEDEP to follow their training may not:

  • Enter or remain there for other purposes;
  • Introduce, cause to be introduced or facilitate the introduction of persons not belonging to the organisation, or of goods intended for sale to staff and participants.


The circulation of information is done by posting on the panels provided for this purpose. Commercial advertising, political, trade union or religious propaganda is prohibited within the organisation’s premises.


CEDEP asks all of its participants to conduct themselves in a manner that respects the rights of others living and working at CEDEP. Participants must behave honestly, courteously, considerately and respectfully during the course of their programme. Participants are expected to avoid any behaviour that could be interpreted as inappropriate by others which can include (but is not limited to) verbal, physical or visual harassment that shows hostility or aversion toward an individual.

Participants must respect the privacy of all confidential information that they acquire, including that of other participants during the programme. Participants will observe all the legal requirements of copyright for all materials at CEDEP.

Participants are required to respect the CEDEP campus – all equipment, material and all regulations.

Participants are responsible for not consuming excessive alcohol in CEDEP bars during their stay on campus.

Participants are responsible for getting the appropriate visa for the country where the programme is taking place, if necessary.

CEDEP asks all participants to book their taxi requirements on CEDEP’s online taxi reservation service to ensure smooth logistics to and from the campus.


Any failure by the participant to comply with any of these rules of procedure may be subject to a sanction depending on its nature and seriousness, up to and including exclusion from the training, which shall be reported to the training provider. Fines or other pecuniary penalties are prohibited.


No penalty may be imposed on the participant without prior notification of the grievances against him/her.
Where the head of the training organisation or his representative intends to impose a sanction which has an impact, immediate or otherwise, on the presence of a participant in a training course, the below procedure shall be followed:

  • The head of the organisation or his representative shall summon the participant and inform him of the purpose of the meeting.
    This specifies the date, time and place of the interview. It shall be in writing and shall be sent by registered letter or delivered to the person concerned against a receipt. During the interview, the attendee can be assisted by a person of his or her choice, either an attendee or an employee of the training provider.
  • The convocation mentioned in the precedent paragraph shall state this option. The head of the training organisation or his representative shall state the reason for the envisaged sanction and shall obtain the participant’s explanations.
  • The penalty may not be imposed less than one clear day or more than fifteen days after the interview. It shall be the subject of a written and reasoned decision, notified to the participant in the form of a letter delivered to him against a discharge or a registered letter.


Participants grant CEDEP the right to use any photographs and/or videos taken or to be taken by CEDEP. Participants consent CEDEP all rights, title and interest that they may have or acquire in such photographs/videos, including the right to copyright them and to use, reuse, publish and republish, in whole or in part, for any purpose, be it media, print and/or electronic. Participants understand that they will receive no compensation in connection with such photos/videos or the grant of rights described above.


Participants acknowledge and agree that personal data about the participant and/or his organisation may be processed by CEDEP. The personal information collected by CEDEP for the programme is confidential and secured and comply with local regulations. Participants are granted statutory rights of access, modification, update and deletion of personal information of participant and may exercise these rights by contacting CEDEP at
Please note that all posts made by participants on social media are their own and do not represent the opinions of CEDEP.


CEDEP cannot accept responsibility and expressly excludes liability for any loss or damage to the participant’s property that occurs whilst the participant is on the programme on campus. The participant should take particular care not to leave personal belongings unattended at any time.


Participants using the gym acknowledge that they are physically capable and know their own personal limits. Participants acknowledge that physical exercise, sport, wellness and recreational activities may cause injury and agree to assume the full risk of any injuries. Use of the gym is entirely voluntary.


All participants are urged to be especially mindful of energy consumption at CEDEP. Windows should be closed during cold weather and lights always turned off in rooms unoccupied. The whole of the CEDEP Team will do their utmost to ensure that all participants enjoy a very pleasant stay on campus.