"Intentional Leadership Ecolors" Programme Description

Programme Objectives

Gain the ability to perceive emotional signals and manage behaviours in order to enhance performance. The session in based on the e-colors Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI).

Pedagogical Objectives

Work at a more effective level:

  • use emotional intelligence and learn how it influences behaviours
  • learn to analyse behaviours
  • improve communication and social interaction skills

Participant’s Profile

The workshop is for managers and functional leaders. Those whose success depends on connecting and engaging people and teams, and working effectively across different functions, cultures and regions. They may also be in charge of implementing important initiatives within their organisation.

Ideal for high potential leaders who have gained managerial experience onthe-job and are ready to expand their horizons, breakdown silos, have more responsibility, and lead larger transversal teams.

Training Location

Campus CEDEP Fontainebleau or Online



Duration of the Training and Organisation Modalities

Available in Format in-person and online

2 hours

Minimum of 15 participants and maximum of 30 participants

Access Time

At least 11 working days

Training Content

The communication workshop is an introduction to one of the three essential areas of organisational behaviour with a focus on individual behaviour. In this area, largely inspired by the work of psychologists and using Equilibria’s E-Colors tool, the workshop will explore the field of personality and how managers can use their Emotional Intelligence to influence the behaviour of their employees, and positively impact their performance at work. Emotional Intelligence refers to a set of faculties, soft skills and competences that impact on how people respond to the pressure and needs of the environment. Managers who can understand their own emotions and analyse those of others are likely to be more effective at work.

Professors’ Profile

GEORGES LANDES INSEAD Executive Coach Global Facilitator for Transformation, certified Equilibria.

Equilibria is one of CEDEP’s Academic Partners who developed the E-Colors tool, a Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI)

Used Pedagogical Methods and Technical Means

Residential and Digital : Workshop, Group work, active participation

Evaluation Methods

Continuous observation based on group work

Attendance sheet. Hot and cold evaluation

Public Rate

For more information, please contact Muriel Pailleux at

Pedagogical Referent

Director Programme Development;

Access to training for people with disabilities

Our training courses comply with the requirements for accessibility to the premises for people with disabilities. If necessary, please consult our disability advisor Corinne Delplanque,