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In this latest leadership article, CEDEP Programme Director Sébastien Olléon argues only organisations that create sustainable hybrid work models with high levels of trust will attract the best talent and remain competitive.

In this new leadership article, business consultant and CEDEP Faculty Liri Andersson argues that to find answers to business critical questions, companies must explore through discovery. She also offers four steps to help you make the most relevant decisions in times of uncertainty.

Watch our latest video to find out why Malcolm Staves, Global VP Health and Safety at L’Oréal, co-creator of CEDEP’s L&SC, believes the programme has been a game-changer for L’Oréal management and is vital for any company.

Dr. Philippe Delquié, CEDEP Leadership & Safety Culture faculty and professor of Decision Sciences at George Washington University, has taught and lectured about human and machine decision-making, risk-taking and avoidance around the world. In this conversation, he offers insight into how our brains can be our own worst enemy when making decisions that affect our safety.

From Roman emperors to modern CEOs, top thinkers turn to the tenets of mindfulness not to just perform better, but to be better. There are concrete steps we can take today in order to work with more awareness, improving both workplace safety and our quality of living

An extraordinary year offers insights on how a global crisis has ushered in new ways of thinking about OSH implementation. Literature and organisational learning point to post-pandemic opportunities for cultural change that can leave businesses stronger—and safer—than ever before.

Discover the insightful article of Dominique F. TurcQ, Expert of Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Future of Work and CEDEP Learning Partner