Our work / Community life

As a highly engaged and unique collaborative learning community, our members and experts from our wider ecosystem meet regularly to work together at a number of CEDEP organised events, as well as meeting when and where it suits them to share their expertise and support each other to ensure that we fully leverage our collective intelligence.

CEDEP Advisory Education Committee

Composed of our members’ HR and L&D experts, the Committee meets four times per year to provide opportunities to share and learn from each other’s corporate leadership development programmes, review the relevance of the programmes designed for the community, and discuss potential new ones according to their emerging needs. It is also a place to share new, exciting and unconventional content and present new learning partners.

The Committee is also an exceptional platform for networking. Members engage with CEDEP, meet new members, exchange and experiment together.

CEDEP Content Lab

The Content Lab takes place once a year and brings together members from the CEDEP community to cover current and emerging themes concerning business today. It is a day of reflection and experience sharing in a free environment, a valued time to look at how we can develop the business of tomorrow.

A small intimate group of senior academics from top business schools, with years of business acumen and personal experience, prepare and lead the day. They challenge and innovate current pedagogical methods, and identify new content for debate and research as leading themes for the CEDEP community. Themes are summarised and then developed further to produce content for future CEDEP programmes.

CEDEP Design Day

The Design Day brings together L&D experts from our member companies together with our specially selected learning partners and experts. It is CEDEP’s engine to collectively create value-adding leadership development programmes and go beyond the ‘off-the-shelf’ offering.

Within the close and trusting relationship of the community, members are invited to share their challenges and business context. Together, we combine different ways of learning (teaching, experience, shock, play around with different components) to address the development needs  and promote deeper learning. The exercise is enriched by each others’ experience, cross-industry knowledge and CEDEP’s distinctive way for opening minds and doing things differently.

Participants leave the event inspired with new methodologies and new topics, and up to three designs almost ready for implementation. The Design Day acts as an energy booster.

CEDEP Ecosystem Day

The Ecosystem Day is the annual event for the entire CEDEP community. Alumni, learning partners, members’ HR and L&D experts, Board members and the management team meet for an inspiring, innovative and explorative programme. It is also a unique opportunity to meet unexpected people and reconnect with one-another.

The programme alternates a series of booths for experiences and exchange on new ideas, keynotes by prominent speakers, panels of alumni and learning partners, deckchair electives, and ends with a memorable festive evening.

Taking place in June under the dome, surrounded by the Fontainebleau forest, the event entertains curiosity of learning and reinforces the sense of belonging to the CEDEP meeting of minds.

Insights and Partnerships Director

Please contact Muriel Larvaron for more information.