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French government certification

CEDEP is a Qualiopi-certified French training organization, which allows the legal recognition of four skills deposited in the inventory/specific directory, thus offering the possibility of financial support for certain training courses for participants working in France (via the CPF), as well as for French companies (via the OPCOs and Pôle Emploi, subject to conditions).

The CPF (Personal Training Account) can be mobilized through the application for private employees and job seekers.

In case of an insufficient amount on the CPF account, companies and Pôle Emploi can apply for financing.

On the business side, the financing calls upon an OPCO (Opérateur de Compétences).

These organisations can collect from companies the Contribution unique à la formation professionnelle et à l’alternance (which replaces the Contribution à la formation professionnelle and the Taxe d’apprentissage) and redistribute it for the training of employees. The funding granted depends on the size of the company.

Requests for funding agreements from the OPCOs must be made prior to any training.

The four skills listed in the Specific Directory (RS) of the European Centre for Continuing Education are :

  • Change Management for Tomorrow’s Organisations (RS2414)
  • Design and Implementation of the Strategy (RS2413)
  • Economic Development through Innovation, Creator and Value Captor (RS2411)
  • Leadership in a Context of Change (RS2412)

Customized programmes may result in certified competence based on their content and objectives.
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