CEDEP Experience / CEDEP LiVE

The CEDEP LiVE journey

In-person wherever you are in the world

Some of our programmes can be delivered online through ‘CEDEP LiVE’ which stands for ‘Learning in a Virtual Environment.’

The CEDEP LiVE journey is designed to engage participants and bring the “smell of the place” energy and invigoration of the Fontainebleau campus experience to a virtual environment. Our live programmes are built to deliver the same world-class, thought-provoking, and enriching experience, while maximising the power of peer learning. Our learning portal enables each participant to easily access content and achieve and track learning objectives. A mixture of learning approaches to maximize engagement include live sessions, simulations, asynchronous self-study and reflection, with community building and experimental methodologies to connect participants along the learning journey. Our live virtual format can connect global cohorts to individuals in the interactive learning journey with a high-level of peer engagement and networking.

Flexible Learning

CEDEP LiVE offers a flexible path to learning. Access to programme content is completely flexible and available through multiple devices with the ability to go deeper on certain topics on your own time from anywhere in the world. 

Flexible Design

The learner-centric flexible design provides the opportunity to create a unique learning journey tailored to your organization’s needs. Co-design and develop rigorous online sessions with customized course modules and add components from your organization, such as videos and real-life projects to demonstrate the practical application of learning. A dedicated design team works closely with you to design the content and format that best meets your needs, through intense co-design sessions. Our team can adapt and integrate your company modules and use your preferred tools.

Engage Virtually

Interactive sessions with faculty, experts and our extensive network of learning partners enable participants to experience lively discussions and interactions throughout the live learning journey. Connect and collaborate with your peers virtually through our user-friendly online learning platform. Assignments are often linked to participants’ real-life business challenge for highly relevant, actionable learning.

CEDEP LiVE contains:

  • Real life projects and issues for hands-on application through simulations
  • Live sessions with experts and faculty from the world’s top business schools
  • Synchronous and asynchronous content
  • Novel tools and methodologies to keep the learning journey interactive
  • New experimental methodologies to bring the energy, self-reflection, community building and networking from the Fontainebleau campus experience to participants
  • Active support from learning partners and delivery team
  • Recorded video lectures
  • Moderated discussions with learning managers and partners
  • Class materials: articles and videos
Director, Programmes Development

Please contact Ravi Shankar for more information.