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New Content Lab Report: The Learning Function for the Digital Age

We are delighted to share our Content Lab Report, an in-depth review of our 2022 Content Lab focused on “The Learning Function for the Digital Age” which took place on November 18th


 CEDEP’s Content Labs bring together our member companies and faculty to cover themes concerning business today. Invited participants are HR professionals and senior business leaders from the CEDEP member companies and ecosystem who are assigned to work in groups and reflect on a series of topics.

Moderated by Dr. Nick van Dam, an internationally recognised thought leader on corporate learning, the 2022 Content Lab explored the theme, “The Learning Function for the Digital Age” and invited participants to frame their reflections regarding a growing concern amongst organisations: As the digital becomes ubiquitous in the 21st century, what becomes of the role of learning?

Read the key insights from the 2022 Content Lab in our report here.

For more information on our Content Labs, please contact Muriel LARVARON, Director, Insights, Networks and Partnerships at CEDEP:

CEDEP is an exclusive, executive education club, created and co-run by its member organisations where minds meet, grow and succeed together.

CEDEP and Live for Good won prestigious 2021 EFMD Excellence in Practice Gold Award

Entrepreneur for Good programme recognised for its unique pedagogy and social impact


We are delighted to announce CEDEP Global Executive Education Club and our Sustainability Innovation partner Live for Good have won a 2021 EFMD Excellence in Practice (EiP) Gold Award in the category Social and Environmental Impact for our co-designed Entrepreneur for Good programme.

This innovative programme supports young entrepreneurs from all walks of life by providing them with the learning support they need to launch successful social impact businesses. CEDEP is the Live for Good academic partner for the co-design and delivery of this intensive learning programme where members of the CEDEP team and faculty contribute on a voluntary basis.

The prestigious EiP award recognises outstanding and impactful Learning & Development partnerships. It is a tribute to our unique pedagogy and our agile and adaptive approach to learning. This includes integrating participants as a pedagogical resource and making space for the emergence of questions. The programme also uses CEDEP’s pedagogical techniques successfully applied in our core executive programs such as the Insight Fair, a workshop where participants learn through sharing their strategic challenge – the creation of their social enterprise – and by using questions, openness to others and intensive listening and reflection.

Learning is experienced from all sides: the young social entrepreneurs gain the confidence, tools and mindset to take their business project forward implementation; and the faculty push their own limits by learning interacting and teaching business differently to a younger generation. This creates new energising dynamics, developing multiple bridges and many business conversations between our corporate members and social entrepreneurs. The CEDEP team increased its level of intergenerational awareness, acting for the good and boosting positive energy.

Since 2018, over 150 talented young people (aged 18-29) have graduated from the programme with the successful creation of over 100 social enterprises – from bricks made from recycled materials, sustainable agriculture and website accessibility, to ethical fashion and nutritional food, to citizen engagement and more. According to recent independent research (Citizen), the Entrepreneur for Good programme generates €5.1 in economic gains (or Social ROI) for every €1 invested.

Bound together by strong humanist values, CEDEP and Live for Good share a common vision for a more positive, responsible and virtuous business world that benefits society and the environment. We are both thrilled to be recognised alongside an outstanding list of international companies, business schools and L&D providers for our innovation and social impact.

Read our award-winning case study here

Further information about the prestigious awards programme can be found here

Please see the EFMD Award link here

For more information, contact Muriel Larvaron, Director of Insights & Partnership and award-winning case writer

New CEDEP Insight Report: “New Ways of Working Reality Check”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations have had to adapt to new ways of working, driven by ongoing lockdowns and directives to work from home where possible. In the last year, challenges have included rolling out remote working successfully while at the same time solving unexpected technical and organisational issues and how to best support and redefine the role of line managers within constantly shifting parameters. 

Our latest Insight Report on New Ways of Working: Reality Check results from in-depth conversations with senior industry leaders discussing these complex issues and sharing their organisational challenges resulting from the global crisis. These conversations were led by sociologist François Dupuy and Sébastien Olléon, both CEDEP’s faculty.

The report summarises these findings and assesses the way organisations and their people have reacted during the COVID-19 pandemic from both sociological and practical perspectives. As this crisis is far from over, the report also addresses how organisations now need to adapt for a longer transformational journey than anticipated, examine new ways of working and prepare for the future. 

CEDEP provides a safe space for sharing and exchanging ideas to solve real organisational challenges.

CEDEP has co-designed with companies and launched several programmes linked to the theme including :

  • Remote Leadership programme which helps managers to develop skills and mindset needed to succeed as a remote leader more information here
  • Decision Making in Unprecedented Times programme to help leaders to develop the necessary understanding, mindset, behaviour, skills and methodologies to make relevant strategic decisions  more information here
  • And a Digital Transformation programme bringing the whole corporation to the same level of understanding of what Digital Transformation really means

For more info about these programmes contact Muriel Pailleux at

The DaherLAB: connecting startups and industry with the challenges of medium-sized and large companies

How can industry effectively work with startups?
A recent published event report from a co-organized CEDEP and Ecole de Paris du Management meeting with Mastering Business Excellence alumni speaker, Stanislas Borowski, Director of the DaherLab and Deputy Director of Open Innovation, explains the structure developed to integrate new technologies in the organisation and gives useful recommendations on how to source and work with startups through an efficient and fair process.

Report Overview

Daher, a family business founded in 1863, has set up an open innovation entity, the DaherLAB, in 2014, to integrate new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, connected objects, etc. After a trial-and-error phase in which even solutions that had been the subject of a successful proof of concept in the company fell into a “black hole”, a dual system was successfully implemented. On the one hand, the support functions are mobilised from the outset in order to overcome internal obstacles and inertia and to facilitate contractualisation with start-ups. On the other hand, the innovation process is structured in a sort of “push factory” with three production lines (proof of concept, industrialisation and deployment), to ensure that the integration process is completed whenever a technology has proven its value to the Group.

The International Journal of Management Education : “Strategic challenges as a learning vehicle in executive education”

by  Harwin de Vries, Jens Meyer, LukN. Van Wassenhove, Nana von Bernuth

We are thrilled to share our first published academic journal article, “Strategic challenges as a learning vehicle in executive education” in the November issue of The International Journal of Management Education.

The article written by Harwin de Vries, Jens Meyer, Luk Van Wassenhove, and Nana von Bernuth examines the effort and challenges in redesigning the learning format of CEDEP’s General Management Program in 2014, to improve its alignment with adult learning principles and answer real life situations.

The paper describes CEDEP’s novel approach to drop classical case studies and center learning around strategic challenges participants face instead and also clearly demonstrates the immediate application and solid impact of the learnings into the day to day work and context of the participants.

This methodology has transformed our participants learning within our GMP programme!

Content lab report 2020 “Speaking Truth to Power”

While we observe today a general quest for sense, transparency and more authentic leadership, we also witness many instances of dual dialogues in organisations or even worse, cases of infringement or fraud leading to loss of business, erosion of employee engagement, deterioration of the companies’ brand, and loss of stakeholder support and possible legal action…

How do these creep into the organisation and what leaders and organisations can do to prevent them? Everybody feels a sense of moral obligation to be honest and transparent, but, is it really the case?

Our Insight Report on Speaking Truth to Power is the result of in-depth conversations with senior industry leaders and highlights a number of skills and capabilities one can develop to get prepared for truth telling, and what organisations could do more of, for an open, transparent culture. One of the points raised is that HRs could have a stronger role to play.

Read the Executive Summary. For a copy of the full report contact Muriel Larvaron at

CEDEP provides a safe space for sharing and exchanging ideas to solve real organisational challenges

Crafting a successful executive education programme

Harwin de Vries, Jens Meyer, Luk Van Wassenhove and Nana von Bernuth recount the difficulties involved in reorienting a flagship programme for senior executives

We are proud to have our flagship programme, the General Management Programme, featured in the Global Focus magazine of EFMD (the global accreditation body for quality & impact assessment in management education).

The article highlights how the CEDEP community – its member companies, faculty and designers – successfully redesigned the GMP to match the member organizations’ and their top talents’ real life situations and needs in an inspiring and relevant way.

With the GMP, CEDEP has moved into a new generation of organizational and senior management development programmes.

CEDEP Awarded EFMD Global Excellence in Practice Award (EIP)

CEDEP was awarded the 2015 Silver Excellence in Practice Award (EIP) in the category of Organisational Development from EFMD Global. 

The award recognized the impact of CEDEP’s learning and development partnership for its programme, “CEDEP L’Oréal – Leaders for Change in Emerging Europe: Learning as a Growth Accelerator.”  

The EFMD is the global accreditation body for business schools, business schools, and corporate universities, dedicated to management development.

The EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards recognizes outstanding case studies that demonstrate effective and impactful leadership and development intervention between partner organizations. 

Read more about the award winning partnership programme

CEDEP – 40 years of adding value: The best kept secret

The story of CEDEP

CEDEP – 40 years of adding value is a book written 10 years ago to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the club.  Discover the origination of the idea of the club, the initial impetus led by L’Oréal and Head of Human Resources Guy Landon and CEO, Français Dalle, its special architectural design for learning by the architect “ De La Tour D’Auvergne,” the story of its former logos, the life on campus with its inspired environment and pieces of art. Learn what makes CEDEP a significant institution for its members in developing leaders and creating purpose-driven, agile and sustainable organisations.

This book makes us realise that at the dawn of its 50-year anniversary, CEDEP will forever be relevant in this ever-changing and uncertain world

Muriel Larvaron
Insights and Partnerships Director

Please contact Muriel Larvaron for more information.