Decision-Making in Uncertainty Programme

Leading for continuous relevance 

To thrive in an unstable and unpredictable environment, companies must build relevance and resilience into their business. Strategic decisions made by leaders are fundamental to achieving this, yet strategic decision-making has never been as challenging as it is today!

The newly created CEDEP programme, “Decision making in uncertainty” aims at developing the necessary understanding, mindset, behaviour, skills and methodologies which enables learders to make relevant strategic decisions that ensures the future success of an organisation.

Main Objectives

Leaders face the challenge of keeping one eye firmly on the now, while making strategic decisions that build relevance and resilience into the organisation.

During the interactive online programme, participants will have the opportunity to hone their future facing decision making skills by:

  • Obtaining a solid overview of key drivers behind the extraordinary shifts the business world is facing
    today, their impact on business, as well as the out of ordinary opportunities and threats that are emerging
  • Painting an outward facing and
    agnostic picture of the business and competitive environment they are
    likely to operate in, and the impact on the organisation
  • Having traditional business understanding and norms tested, and alternative ones encouraged (business, industry, company, function, discipline, team, leadership philosophies)
  • Letting go of assumptions and biases, expand their mindset and embrace new mental models to assist relevant information gathering, understanding and prioritisation
  • Stretching the range and types of questions and solutions considered, as well as selecting relevant decision-making criteria
  • Raise awareness of methodologies, processes and tools that facilitate relevant decision-making, in line with the new realities identified

Learning Journey

This virtual future-facing programme assists leaders in making relevant business decisions in uncertain times. Participants are taken on an intense and inspiring learning journey that combines, lecturing, expert speakers, facilitated interaction, group work, and individual exercises between sessions.

The (LiVE) learning is adapted to the need of the organisation. The average programme length total hours of on-line (LiVE) learning is 22 hours over 8 weeks, with activities off-line such as: applying learning in day-to-day activities, researching, reading and preparation: ranging from 10 to 12 hours during the programme.



Founder of "this fluid world" boutique, business consultancy, CEDEP Programme Director, business coach and faculty


‘The frequency, complexity and speed in which strategic decisions have to be made is overwhelming to leaders, yet the future success of an organisation depends on the quality of their strategic decision making!’

Programme details

Ideal Participant

The CEDEP Programme is for all senior leaders who make strategic decisions on issues that contributes to setting the course of an organisation, function, or strategic teams.



Tailored to organisations’ needs

22 hours online session spread over 8 weeks

1.5 hour per week for individual work



Please find here the Decision-Making in Unprecedented Times Programme flyer

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