General Management Programme (GMP)


Creating innovative, high-value mindsets

The CEDEP GMP is a fully-immersive executive agility and acceleration programme dedicated to top senior managers which takes place over 2 periods of 11 days, with a 3-month intersession. 

Participants learn to lead and operate effectively in an ever changing and uncertain world and are equipped with proven comprehensive tools and frameworks. The red-thread of the programme are the participants’ strategic challenges. Participants bring real-life challenges they are facing at work, and continuously apply learnings directly to their challenges to develop solutions. 

Main Objectives

This transformational, hands-on programme gives participants the keys to stay agile, motivated and efficient in a complex, rapidly changing environment.  The programme awakens their management performance by helping them deconstruct fixed practices and reconstruct new ones to use immediately in the workplace. It gives them the time out, insights and focus needed to strengthen their organisation and make it more competitive in the future. Some of the topics include:

  • Moving from a financial to a more agile strategy
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses to improve communication and efficiency
  • Breaking established models and use change to innovate
  • Understanding intercultural communication, planning and sustainability
  • Create different perspectives to build awareness of opportunities and challenges
  • Using collaboration to achieve the best results
  • Learning to inspire, empower and motivate teams

The GMP also combines personal development techniques. Participants learn new ways to inspire, collaborate and innovate so they become dynamic leaders who make better decisions.

Learning Journey

The GMP gives senior managers the unique opportunity to be immersed in a stimulative environment with creative, strong and knowledgeable leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries. Taking them on an inspiring and personalised journey where they explore innovative ways to create value, grow sustainably and have an immediate impact upon return to their organisation. The programme focuses on the common managerial challenges today’s leaders are facing in order to develop high value employees. It is divided into 2 periods of 11 days, with a 3-month intersession

PERIOD 1: The New Normal Environment & Strategy

  • Learning how to navigate in uncertainty, open their mindset, and take time to step back in order to evaluate their own performance
  • Participants will build awareness of the challenges of today’s complex world and learn how to strengthen their organisation to make it more competitive for the future

PERIOD 2: Organisation & Implementation

  • Focusing on their role as a leader
  • Exploring personal development, behaviour and inter-cultural communication and collaboration
  • Finding innovative ways to create and share value, ensuring their organisation grows sustainably and is seen as visionary for a greater society.

The sessions are based on a variety of real-life scenarios faced by the diverse business leaders in the group. Participants leave the programme with tangible new strategies to implement with confidence in their workplace. After the programme ends, support is offered from the coaches (via at least 2 conversations over a 6- month period) to help implement change in the organisation. 

Programme director

CEO at WTS Global, founder of the International School for Tax Leadership, and author.


‘For many participants the GMP is the most intense four weeks in their professional career: there is a pre-and post-GMP period. The GMP has a substantial impact on their personal development and their business acumen as a corporate thought leader while at the same time they build friendships for life.’

Programme director

Organisational consultant and executive coach with over 30 years of experience as a senior executive in financial services.


‘Our GMP is a decisive moment in the development of global senior leaders: a giant step for personal growth.’

Programme details

Ideal participant

The CEDEP GMP Programme is for senior managers, in functional or managerial positions.

Ideal for senior executives, regional directors or country managers, heads of business units, and general managers with a minimum of 10 to 15 years’ management experience, who have already accomplished significant influence in their organisations, and now wish to sharpen their business acumen and ability to react in a complex business environment.




CEDEP campus in Fontainebleau, France


22 days of transformation

2 periods of 11 days with a 3 month intersession




GMP 30 Period ➊ 12 → 23 September 2022

GMP 30 Period ➋ 5 → 16 December 2022


GMP 31 Period ➊ 6 → 17 March 2023

GMP 31 Period ➋ 5 → 16 June 2023


GMP 32 Period ➊ 11 → 22 September 2023

GMP 32 Period ➋ 4 → 15 December 2023


GMP 33 Period ➊ 4 → 15 March 2024

GMP 33 Period ➋ 3 → 14 June 2024


GMP 34 Period ➊ 9 → 20 September 2024

GMP 34 Period ➋ 2 → 13 December 2024


Tuition fees (

€ 29,500

Board & Accommodation (per day excl. tax)

€ 200

Please find here the GMP brochure

Please find here the GMP flyer

Programme participant testimonials


‘At CEDEP we benefited from an in depth understanding of tomorrow´s business, helping us to develop our leadership with useful tools for a globalized landscape.


‘The GMP is an outstanding programme for senior corporate leaders that not only teaches academic and management concepts but provides an amazing opportunity to learn from other participants of senior executives from diverse industries and geographies who add richness to the learning experience.
Vanessa STARK
General country manager, CHEP
Group Chief information officer, TATA STEEL
Regional Senior HR Business transformation leader, Honeywell
paul auriol
managing director, moët hennessy
Sales, Marketing & Communication

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