General Management Programme (GMP)


SHAPING (Y)OUR FUTURE:  probing, sensing, designing, acting

How leaders and organizations are shaping our future.

The world is changing, and we are embracing its future by making it happen.

The CEDEP GMP NXT brings together a carefully curated set of dynamic themes, a unique portfolio of pedagogical approaches and a divergent set of participants from across the world.

Step-by-step participants learn to embrace the challenges of complex and uncertain futures. They adapt new perspectives, develop the skills and competences to navigate uncertainty, and learn to progress in complex situations.

Main Objectives

Everything is connected: the outside world sets the scene for our ambitions and actions … until we make it happen differently. Strategy provides orientation for and through the organization. People at all layers are the enablers of change and progress.

To master such complex situations adult learners, need to step off the idea of best practices, legacy lessons drawn from academic case studies and the belief that we can constantly outrun the world by doing more of the same.

The GMP NXT sessions and conversations are anchored in real-life challenges the member participants share, curate, and elaborate. Each step in the participant’s learning journey connects back the participants challenge and allows the learners to anchor acquired and elaborated insights into their personal journey.

The result is an interdisciplinary and cross-industry approach breaking away from the classic functional silos and embracing a holistic stance of how we – individuals and company communities – can impact and shape future developments: leading organisations with clarity and confidence through and beyond transformation, change and uncertainty in an inspiring and energizing manner.

Some of the topics include:

  • Industry 4.0 and the wider digital landscape (A digitalized future: industry 4.0, web 3.0, geopolitics, societal shifts,
  • Sustainable businesses and humanity (circular economy, value creation, global vs local, decarbonisation, organisation purpose)
  • Emerging Strategy – renewal, reconstruction, learning from existing and future market spaces (market insights, blue oceans, future fictions, scenario planning, eco-systems, experimentation, decision making).
  • Open vs. Close Management Processes: from managing inputs to managing outcomes (business modelling, agile, hybrid, nature of employment, cognitive diversity, collaboration, governance)
  • Managing People (Energy and resilience with individual purpose: self-awareness and ethics, leaders as a coach, emotional intelligence, storytelling, fair-process, vulnerability)

Why is the GMP NXT so unique ? 

The GMP NXT is pragmatic, holistic, adaptive and unique. It is one of the richest developmental platforms in the world.

Pragmatic and rooted in your organisation’s context

The GMP NXT deals with real life problems and challenges participants are facing. The Strategic Challenges serve as the “fil rouge” (red thread) through different methodologies (pre-programme interviews, cluster structure and sensing).


The complexity of today’s business realities require approaching problems with an interdisciplinary approach. Each of the GMP NXT’s core topics are covered from a variety of angles including sociology, economy, strategy and organisation.


The GMP NXT is a leadership development intervention that reflects the dynamism of the real world. The deliberately developed structure of core modules and content capsules (70%-30% to begin with) allow real time adaptation – during a programme – to emerging needs.


Finally, the GMP NXT comes with an unmatched pedagogical architecture – which has progressively emerged over 50 years. Designed carefully for impact, today it is one of the richest developmental platforms in the world and delivers an excellent return on investment.

Learning Journey

The GMP NXT gives senior managers the unique opportunity to be immersed in a stimulating environment with creative, strong and knowledgeable leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Taking them on an inspiring journey where they explore innovative ways to create value, grow sustainably and have an immediate impact upon return to their organisation.

Deploying a wide variety of pedagogical approaches, the programme focuses on personal development and the common managerial challenges today’s leaders are facing to develop high value employees.

The GMP NXT is a hybrid learning journey of five months with face-to-face seminars being the stable and virtual or face-to-face capsules being the agile components. The face-to-face seminars will take place at the Fontainebleau campus and across locations in Europe and Asia.


Step 1: Months 1- 2

A 90-minute virtual kick-off to build the GMP NXT community.

A 9-day face-to-face seminar at the Fontainebleau campus is dedicated to developing truly agile leadership. It covers the essentials and the learning methodologies and creates a sense of community and curiosity. The programme team dynamically adapts and responds to the needs of the participants.


Step 2: Months 2-3

2 x 2-day virtual or face-to-face content capsules emerging from the detection of participants’ needs by the programme team. Participants are immersed into a specific subject allowing for an in-depth exploration with content experts (academics and practitioners) and their peers.

Step 3: Month 4

A 8-day face-to-face seminar located in Europe or Asia to expose participants to a different yet progressive reality.


Step 4: Month 5

The programme will close with a half day of virtual journey’s harvest.

Jens Meyer
programme director

Former Dean of CEDEP, Adjunct Professor of Corporate Strategy at INSEAD, Co-founder of Strategy Regeneration Ltd

“CEDEP’s GMP NXT represents a unique development platform for those leaders eager to create the future rather than to wait for it to happen. “

Programme details

Ideal participant

The CEDEP GMP NXT is for senior managers in functional or managerial positions and is ideal for senior executives, regional directors or country managers, heads of business units, and general managers with a minimum of 10 to 15 years’ management experience. These managers should have already accomplished significant influence in their organisations, and now wish to sharpen their business acumen and ability to react in a complex business environment.


Hybrid (combining face-to-face and virtual)


Two locations for the face-to-face seminars:

  • CEDEP campus in Fontainebleau, France
  • Another location in Europe or Asia


5 months

  • A 90-minute virtual kick-off
  • A 9-day face-to-face seminar at the Fontainebleau campus
  • 2 x 2-day virtual content capsules
  • A 8-day face-to-face seminar located in Europe or Asia
  • Half day of virtual journey’s harvest





  • Period 1: 7 → 16 March 2023 (Fontainebleau Campus)
  • Virtual capsule 1: Sustainability 12 → 13 April 2023
  • Virtual capsule 2: Organisations 10 → 11 May 2023
  • Period 2: 6 → 14 June 2023 (Copenhagen)
  • Virtual Journey Harvest : 4 September 2023


  • Personal Call with the Programme Director
  • Virtual Onboarding with only Sponsors: 29 August 2023
  • Virtual Kick-off with only participants: 5 September 2023
  • Module 1 In-person: 12 → 21 September 2023 (Fontainebleau campus)
  • Virtual capsule 1: 25 -> 26 October 2023
  • Virtual capsule 2: 8 -> 9 November 2023
  • Module 2 In-person: 5 → 13 December 2023 (Location TBC)
  • The journey’s harvest: 4 March 2024

Tuition fees 2023 (

€ 30,290

Board & Accommodation 2023 (per day excl. tax)


Please find here the GMP brochure

Please find here the GMP flyer

Read more about programme description related to the French Qualiopi certification

Programme participant testimonials

lionel jaillet
VP Product Performance Dacia, Renault Group
Vanessa STARK
General country manager, CHEP
Group Chief information officer, TATA STEEL
Regional Senior HR Business transformation leader, Honeywell
paul auriol
managing director, moët hennessy


I had the privilege to attend a session of Leading Fortissimo at CEDEP. It was definitively a very special experience where 2 great experts in their field, Christophe Gillet and Yves Henry, led a high level discussion on leadership while playing piano.
Sales, Marketing & Communication

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