Mastering Business Excellence Programme (MBE)

Gain a holistic view of the organisation and strengthen business fundamentals

The CEDEP MBE is a 7.5-day programme that helps participants develop a deep understanding of the global organisation to design and implement value-creation strategies across functions to prepare for the next step in their career.

Through hands-on learning and in-depth discussions, the programme enables participants to strengthen fundamental business principles, gain a better understanding of the global organisation beyond their functional area, and gain the practical know how to grow into sharp, insightful managers who can work effectively across functions.

  • How the global economy affects business and how strategy impacts value
  • Gain a holistic view of the organisation and collaboration across functions
  • Understand the different functions of the organisation in a virtual company setting
  • Dedicated programme director to support participants through the course

 The CEDEP MBE is the first tier of our three flagship programmes, which are designed to complement each other or taken individually

Main Objectives

 The MBA inspired curriculum, driven by today’s emerging real-life challenges, offers informed content, relevant actionable learning, and equips participants with practical advice and tools that will be invaluable to their day-to-day operations.

  • Learn how to adapt business decision making from a narrow functional view to a holistic, big picture view focused on sustaining business growth for the long term
  • Develop the ability to deconstruct business as a dynamic interconnected system operating in a complex, volatile strategic environment
  • Understand how various functions – Finance, Operations, Marketing and others – must work together to successfully execute a business strategy and broaden career opportunities

Learning Journey

 The programme is a combination of theory and practice-based workshops in small, dynamic, highly participative groups designed to maximize the integration of the new concepts and management methods learned. At the beginning of the programme, participants are asked to present their company in order to accelerate the learning process and provide a deeper context for more effective peer group learning.

The programme includes engaging evening sessions with programme director or speakers coming from business who share their real-life challenges, failures and successes. Participants will:

  • Learn how to better collaborate by identifying personality styles and understanding effective ways to engage stakeholders
  • Get a strategic insight into connecting strategy and finance
  • Create and adjust an effective strategy, taking into consideration its impact on other functions
  • Learn how to negotiate
  • Understand how to improve their organisations performance.

At the end, a fully-interactive simulation enables participants to put into practice all the competencies acquired during the training. The structure of the programme allows for sharing, and best-practice learning in a secure collaborative environment that enables participants to discover hidden strengths and build awareness. The time out for reflection forces participants to challenge themselves and expand their thinking.

programme director

Co-founder and board member of BAN and of Finpower consultancy, and owner and Managing Director of Gucy. Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD

‘It’s the responsibility of senior leader to create a culture of care that’s truly felt throughout the organisation.

Programme details

Ideal participant

The CEDEP MBE Programme is for functional managers, high-potentials, identified for expanded responsibility. They stand out as individuals who could take on broader general management roles or larger team management responsibilities in a few years.

They have functional management experience that has generally been gained on the job, and typically do not have an MBA.

They are dedicated experts in their field, but perhaps in need of a refresher course in the business fundamentals



CEDEP campus in Cély en Bière, France and internationally upon request

7.5 days




17→ 25 September 2024

Tuition fees 2024 (

€ 5,760

Board & Accommodation 2024

€ 2,340

Please find here the MBE brochure

Programme participant testimonials


‘CEDEP’s MBE programme was one of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had. It’s top-notch at every level, from the professors’ knowledge and expertise – to the interesting experiential activities, diverse team of students and facilities designed for learning and exchange.’


‘The MBE Europe: an exceptional preparation for executive managers.
Sales, Marketing & Communication director

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