M&P Programme description

The Management & Philosophy programme is an in-depth exchange between ten philosophers and ten business leaders presenting new and innovative techniques for the philosophical management of committed, successful and inspiring companies around the world.

Programme Objectives

To train a new generation of enlightened men and women leaders through philosophical analysis as a means of freeing themselves from the current limits of contemporary management.

Pedagogical Objectives

  • Develop the Critical Mind ; Learn how to ask the right questions and listen with an open mind to compare and decipher your vision and managerial practices, make better decisions and go beyond one’s own and others’ limits.
  • Give Meaning: Inspiring a Successful Team ; Give meaning to your work and actions and pass it on to his teams to bring about a profound change in mentality within your company.
  • Develop open-mindedness to aim for excellence ; Draw inspiration from philosophical thoughts on fundamental subjects to transform the dynamics that drive you and your company.

Participant’s Profile

Vice-Presidents, General Managers and Business Unit Managers from all sectors of activity

Training Location

CEDEP – Bd de Constance 77300 Fontainebleau France

Paris, France


Be an officer or member of a board of directors
Selection by programme managers by means of CV and cover letter

Duration of the Training and Organisation Modalities

10 one-day sessions per month for 10 months, 6 of the sessions take place in Paris and 4 at the CEDEP campus in Fontainebleau, France – Minimum of 15 participants and maximum of 40 participants

Access Delay

From 1 to 15 days

Training Content


  • CEO’s presentation on the theme of the day
  • Questions and Answers
  • Presentation of the philosopher in relation to the theme of the day
  • Questions and Answers
  • Lunch and conversation


  • 2nd presentation of the philosopher
  • 2nd presentation of the CEO or group brainstorming sessions
  • Comparison and exchange
  • Conclusions of the day by the philosopher

The 10 themes
1. Work and commitment
2. Virtues of failure and error
3. Otherness within the company
4. The place of free will in the manager’s decisions
5. A new humanism in a digital world
6. Reconciling values with value
7. The changing rules of the business game
8. A fair manager and a fair company
9. Spirituality in management
10. Inspirations and philosophical wisdom in management

Professors’ Profile

Philippe Biltiau: Professor of Marketing and Former Dean of Solvay Business School
Jules Goddard: Fellow London Business School, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Philosophy (England)
Each session is led by a renowned CEO and philosopher.

Used Pedagogical Methods and Technical Means

  • Pedagogy centred on questioning. Presentations by philosophers, debates.

  • Flat room

Evaluation Methods

Trim sheet per half day. “Hot” assessment, “cold” assessment. Certificate of participation.

Access to Training for People with Disabilities

Our trainings are accessible for people with disabilities. 

Public Rate

€ 10,000 excluding taxes

Pedagogical Referent

Resp. Academic Management;

Programme Directors : Philippe Biltiau and Jules Goddard 

Bridges to

Programmes for Executives or Boards of Directors