Mastering Business Excellence Programme (MBE LiVE)

Business acumen and strategy for tomorrow

The CEDEP MBE is an 8-week online programme that helps participants develop a big picture understanding of an organisation and reinforces their knowledge of key business fundamentals.

With content inspired by the MBA, the programme enables participants to appreciate business strategy, its connection with finance, the role of markets & customers, and an approach to analyse operations.

With a curriculum constantly refreshed to reflect emerging concerns, the newest version of the MBE will incorporate in-depth discussions on the impact of Digital Transformation and the need to take a sustainable view of business operations.

  • 4 interactive modules over an 8-week period for time-bound learning
  • 12 faculty LiVE sessions & 3 industry expert discussions for shared learning and interactions
  • Industry experts and practitioners offering multiple industry insights
  • Cross-business group activities and exercises to develop stronger networks
  • Dedicated programme director to support participants through the course

Main Objectives

The MBA inspired online curriculum, driven by today’s emerging real-life challenges, offers informed content, relevant actionable learning, and equips participants with practical advice and tools that will be invaluable to their day-to-day operations.

  • Learn how to adapt business decision making from a narrow functional view to a holistic, big picture view focused on sustaining business growth for the long term
  • Develop the ability to deconstruct business as a dynamic interconnected system operating in a complex, volatile strategic environment
  • Understand how various functions – Finance, Operations, Marketing and others – must work together to successfully execute a business strategy and broaden career opportunities

Learning Journey

Participants receive access to the MBE LiVE learning space on the CEDEP 360 Learning environment, which will be their virtual “home” for the duration of the programme. The CEDEP learning portal enables each participant to easily access content and achieve and track learning objectives. The programme will follow a blended online learning methodology, consisting of self-study videos, live online sessions and group exercises to apply the learning. Participants will also have an opportunity to interact with executives from multiple organisations to experience first-hand the application of concepts in real life.

4 interactive modules

  • Theory of the Firm
  • Customers and Markets
  • Managing Operations
  • Financial Acumen

Additional Learning Support

  • Offices hours with faculty
  • Cohort cafés with the Programme Director
  • Assessments for knowledge check and to reinforce understanding

Participants will also become part of the CEDEP Alumni network. This will provide continued access to professional and personal development. For example, as an MBE alumnus you will have an opportunity to attend an interactive webinar on an emerging topic every two months.

ravi shankar
Programme director

CEDEP Director of Programme Development

‘Self-aware, humane leaders are key to an equitable and sustainable world’

Christoph HEROLD
programme director

Chief Development Officer at CBTL GmbH, Learning Technology Expert and Business Coach

Programme details

Ideal participant

The online MBE programme is for senior functional managers who want to refresh their business acumen and strategic perspective.

  • Individuals, who by nature of their roles – corporate functions, business partners, business analysts – are required to demonstrate an enterprise level mindset while addressing operational challenges.
  • High potential employees, identified by the organization for a general management career track, will also benefit from the programme, which focuses on developing business savvy.

The programme is well suited for those who have developed functional expertise thanks to their education and professional experience, but may not possess a formal education in Business Management.




8 weeks with 4 interactive modules

2x 90-minute LiVE sessions per week (including 12 interactive sessions with faculty + 3 industry expert discussions)

3 hours per week for individual work (asynchronous learning with reading, videos, reflection and application)




C5 USA-LATAM-Europe 4 to 6 pm CET Paris 1 March -> 21 April 2022
C6 APAC-Europe 9 to 11 am CET Paris 17 May -> 7 July 2022
C7 USA-LATAM-Europe 4 to 6 pm CET Paris 17 May -> 7 July 2022
C8 APAC-Europe 9 to 11 am CET Paris 13 September -> 3 November 2022
C9 USA-LATAM-Europe 4 to 6 pm CET Paris 13 September -> 3 November 2022

Tuition fees (

€ 4,500

Please find here the MBE LiVE brochure

Please find here the MBE LiVE flyer


MBE LiVE is an impressive and mind opening journey, and more than just a digital learning experience. It is the opportunity to interact and share insights with an amazing bunch of experts and coaches from multicultural and different backgrounds.


The MBE LiVE was a fantastic experience.
Sales, Marketing & Communication director

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