Leading Fortissimo

When music and leadership bond around the piano
With our learning partners Christophe GILLET & Yves HENRY

The CEDEP Leading Fortissimo experience features fundamental lessons about leadership that professional musicians share and have been applying since the dawn of humanity.

Because they operate in similar ‘organisations’ made of experts and strong characters, top-class musicians encounter the same challenges as corporate leaders, such as: managing egos, aligning groups, engaging audiences, knowledge transferal (hard and soft), and developing self-confidence to succeed.

When realizing that music has a much longer history than corporate management, that many of these leadership challenges have been addressed long ago, and that this millennium knowledge is still available in the minds of certain artists, what will you do? Ready to embark on a leadership journey around the piano?

Main Objectives

No presentation, no speech.
Just a top-class musician, a facilitator, a piano and a (corporate) audience making the show, asking their own questions around examples such as:

  • Aligning groups and managing egos
  • Giving a sense to what they do
  • Handling resistance
  • Engaging (and keeping engaged) audiences
  • Transferring knowledge (hard & soft / process & emotion)
  • Adapting leadership styles to the particular context
  • Developing self-confidence and being prepared to win
  • and much more …

Learning Journey

Somewhere between a testimonial, a concert and a management training, we propose this innovative approach to “executive” teaching that brings to light how high-level musicians are confronted with the same issues as business leaders and have long had the answers to some of these issues.

Sharing experiences and testimonials are at the core of the learning journey. The innovative course offers an illustrated dialogue where music comes into play through the testimony of a world-renowned concert performer, Yves Henry (illustrating his words on the piano) and a professional trainer and businessman, Christophe Gillet (teaching practical tools and concepts).

Christophe Gillet
programme Co-direcor

Former head of Innovation for SONY Business Europe Innovation activist, Transformation agent, Anxiolytic at CEDEP, INSEAD, IMD, University Cape Town, Duke CE

yves henry
programme co-director

Pianist & composer, 1st Grand Prize of the Schumann Contest, Laureate of Seven 1st prizes of the Paris CNSM music school, prof at the CNSM, President of the Nohant Chopin festival, jury at the Chopin contest in Warsaw.

Programme details

Ideal Participant

The course is for all levels of managers and functional leaders. They may also be in charge of implementing important initiatives within their organisation.

Ideal for high potential leaders who have gained managerial experience on-the-job.



CEDEP campus in Fontainebleau, France or wherever you want as long as there is a piano


Short version : 2 hours
Long version: an evening (including the show, dinner discussion and an informal concert)


English or French

Please find here the Leading Fortissimo flyer


I had the privilege to attend a session of Leading Fortissimo at CEDEP. It was definitively a very special experience where 2 great experts in their field, Christophe Gillet and Yves Henry, led a high level discussion on leadership while playing piano.
Sales, Marketing & Communication director

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