The SPE IOGP CEDEP Safety Leadership Academy (SLA) for Oil & Gas sector

Oil and gas professionals co-creating the next generation of industry safety culture.
With our partners SPE Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP).

The SPE IOGP CEDEP Safety Leadership Academy is a professionally accredited training programme dedicated to the needs of the oil and gas industry. 

We have devised a three-phase approach: 

  • Phase 1 of the programme is an immersive 3-day residential session.
  • Phase 2 is a 3-month duration intersession for participants to apply the learnings in their work environment.
  • Phase 3 is a second immersive 3-day residential session to complete the programme. 

In this in-depth highly interactive programme, participants prepare for the challenges emerging in an industry experiencing significant changes and in a world, that is becoming more and more uncertain and complex. They explore cutting edge leadership concepts and safety management practices to build a new mindset and culture needed in the journey to get to zero accidents.

Why Attend?

  • Meet with a faculty of world class experts on leadership and safety
  • Benefit from an impactful 3-phase structure for a reinforced learning experience
  • Receive personalised learning and development through one-on-one and group coaching
  • Collaborate and learn together alongside peers from diverse companies, operators and service companies
  • Ongoing access to a living learning community of leaders shaping the future of HSE
  • Be better equipped to address your own strategic challenges and to address industry pain points

Main Objectives

Develop leadership capabilities for oil & gas industry leaders to shift paradigms and make zero accidents a reality within their organizations and beyond. 

Based on key SPE, IOGP technical reports, the ERM safety survey and the CEDEP leadership expertise, the programme will address in particular the 5 obstacles to achieving zero harm:

  • Ineffective leadership development
  • Insufficient alignment and application of human factors
  • Misalignment and confusion on the expectation of zero harm
  • Inaccurate identification and management of risk
  • Market pressure

Participants will gain:

  • Cutting-edge knowledge to develop leadership skills that will influence behaviours and transform the safety culture of the workplace
  • Practical tools for leaders to convert the mindset shift into clearly defined and efficient actions, with continuous activities and application throughout the learning journey and beyond. 
  • Personal transformation in the ability to lead and build safe performance conditions for your people and your businesses

Learning Journey

Community building is a key feature of the programme and will start prior to Phase 1 residential session. 

In a peer group learning environment, our faculty of thought leaders will facilitate a series of workshops that will include talks, practical activities to use tools and techniques, as well as real-world strategic challenges, a methodology developed at CEDEP. Experiential learning will also lead the participants outside of the classroom and their comfort zone for an immersive experience to increase self-awareness and fundamental change. Your own reality and operational challenges will form the key material for your learning journey.

PHASE 1 From Leading the Industry to Leading Self & Others (3-day residential session)

  • Whate safety leader do we now need in our industry to do the last HSE mile? Legacy and Vision
  • Understanding the limits of modern management and its impact on the way we manage safety
  • Leading Mental Models shift: Moving from compliance to trust
  • Learning from normal work: Human Factors and Human Performance
  • Creating Trust and Psychological Safety
  • Understanding self: Emothional intelligence
  • Working on real-world strategic challenges as a red thread

PHASE 2 Apply the Learnings (3 months)
Participants return to their work environment and apply their learnings to strategic challenges. This will be supported by virtual meetings: action labs, webinars, calls with our programme director.

PHASE 3 Safety Leadership (3-day residential session)

  • Adopting a sociological approach to understand behaviours and act on weak signals
  • Getting more from what we do: Learning and applying a novel and effective way of observing and engaging
  • Rethinking HSE Communications and why it matters
  • Observing differently
  • Resilience for performance: managing energy & well-being
  • Workshop on your strategic challenges

56 continuing education credits (CEUs) are awarded for the course.

Muriel Barnier
Programme director

Founder of Lime Core Training and Communications Programs for HSE Leadership and Employee Engagement and highly recognized 12-year industry veteran in HSE learning communications and engagement.

Programme details

Ideal participant

The SPE IOGP CEDEP Leadership Academy is for middle and senior-level leaders who play a role in the safety management and conditions in which their people work.

It includes operational managers, and Health, Safety Environment (HSE) managers in the oil and gas industry and its direct value chain.


In person, with specific virtual components during Phase 2.


The Safety Leadership Academy has its home campus at CEDEP in France and is also mobile and will travel to oil and gas hubs around the world.


2 residential sessions of 3 days with a 3-month intersession in between and pre-course community building




Tuition fees 2024 (

€ 7,000

Board & Accommodation 2024 (excl. tax)

  • Phase 1: € 780 (3 nights) or € 1 040 (4 nights)
  • Phase 3: € TBC

Please find the SPE Safety Leaderhip Academy page here and the IOGP Safety Leadership Academy page here.

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