Leadership & Safety Culture Programme (L&SC)

Leading health & safety as a performance lever being people- centric in a transforming world

Leading Health & Safety (H&S) as a Performance Lever is a pioneering 3-day CEDEP programme that explores H&S leadership within large corporations in an ever-changing and uncertain world. The global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated emerging trends and triggered new risks in H&S but also new opportunities. Crucially, the expectations of younger generations, who are becoming the majority of our workforce, call for senior managers to rethink their role as H&S leaders, not only to achieve excellence in H&S performance, but also to uncover H&S untapped potential as a value driver.

This new programme builds on CEDEP’s L&SC Level 1 and is dedicated to operational senior leaders and also H&S senior managers, who will engage with various experts to identify trends of the new world, the impact on organisations and how to turn these challenges into opportunities to bring performance to a higher level. Participants will collaborate and define how to create an environment where H&S is truly lived as a core value and competitive advantage by management and employees.

This pioneering and highly relevant leadership journey will enable participants to:

  • Critically analyse the acceleration of our transforming world and the impact on H&S

  • Be people-centric leaders to embrace the new world

  • Develop a practical action plan with strategies to use H&S as a performance lever

Main Objectives

Participants explore how to redefine H&S by examining how our pandemic world has changed people’s workplace expectations and needs, including a notable awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing. The programme leads managers from all industries and sectors to rethink their role as H&S leaders and equip them to develop the skills and tools necessary to embrace the new world, put people at the center and turn the new H&S challenges into a powerful performance lever.


Part 1
Leadership is not about you, it is about the people:

Exploration of current trends in our fast-transforming world, needs and expectations of the various generations in the workplace, how it relates to H&S and how H&S can be used to unlock higher levels of performance.


Part 2
Leadership is all about you:

Development of personal wellbeing as well as H&S leadership skills focusing on advanced emotional intelligence, peer coaching, human performance, identification of weak signals, and decision-making.


Learning Journey

In a peer group learning environment, our faculty of global thought leaders take participants through collaborative sessions and brainstorming Sprints interspersed with bite-sized and interactive moments with our Programme Director based on best practice and real-life experience.

The 3-day programme is divided into two parts which both start with refresher microlearning videos covering key learnings from L&SC Level 1. In Part 1, participants explore various trends and concepts to understand our fast transforming world. Short and intense brainstorming sessions allow participants to pioneer ideas to lead in this new world using H&S as a performance driver. In Part 2, participants focus on leadership skills, starting with a personal Emotional Intelligence self-assessment and peer coaching sprints.

Throughout the programme, participants develop a specific two-fold action plan with actions to respond to the expectations of the new world and pursue further personal development.

programme director

Founder and managing director of Lime Core, a company dedicated to learning and communications in Health & Safety, Leadership and Employee Engagement.

Programme details

Ideal participant

The CEDEP L&SC Level 2 programme is for operational senior leaders but also H&S senior managers from all industries who recognise the need to develop more relevant H&S leadership skills within our current global context.

It is particularly useful for senior operational leaders such as plant or manufacturing managers but also H&S senior managers and directors and H&S subject matter experts. Please note that we have a specialist programme for the Oil & Gas sector.



CEDEP campus in Cély en Bière, France 

3 days for the in person programme

English or French


26 -> 28 June

Tuition fees 2024 (

€ 5,700

Board & Accommodation 2024

€ 825

Set up
This programme can be experienced in two ways

Multi-company programme
To share insights, experiences and knowledge with other companies across varied industries


Custom programme
Highly personalised solution based on your culture, current business challenges and strategic issues

Please find here the L&SC – Level 2 flyer

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