François Dupuy is a sociologist who continues to operate frequently in academic and consulting positions.

His work focuses on strategic analysis of organizations as a tool for diagnostics of organizational issues and change management. Among various books and articles, he is the author of the Manpower award winning The Customer’s Victory (1999)The Chemistry of Change (2001), The Sciences-Pô/Le Monde award winning Sharing Knowledge (2005), La fatigue des élites (2005). His latest books are: Lost in Management: la vie quotidienne des entreprises au XXIème siècle, Paris, éditions du Seuil, 2011 and Business for the 21st Century: Towards Simplicity and trust,  London, Macmillan Business, 2011.

As a consultant, François created his first consulting company, Stratema/SMG (1984-1995) and years later, he was also the founder and Chairman of the French subsidiary of Mercer Delta (2001-2005).

François works with multinational corporations to diagnose organizational barriers to successful change and business growth. The diagnostic process highlights the organizational context (place) and practice (behaviour) that prevent successful adoption and implementation of business objectives. He has worked with top management teams in companies such as Air France, Air Liquide, France Telecom, GDF Suez, Lafarge, La Poste, l’Oreal, Merck Serrono, Renault, Schneider Electric, Snecma, UKTI among others.