How to stay sane in an insane covid world

New publication from Theo Compernolle, Learning Partner in our Safety & Leadership Programme, shares insights on how to stay sane in an insane covid world

How to better manage stress of a pandemic, lockdown, working from home and video conferencing

If stress from the COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting your life, our learning partner, Theo Compernolle, a specialist in stress management and faculty in our Leadership & Safety Culture programme, published an article on “How to deal better with the stress of a COVID pandemic, lockdown, working from home and videoconferencing.” 

According to Theo Compernolle, stress can harm people and organisations, but stress also helps us to be creative and deliver at our top performance. In Theo Compernolle’s article, he summarizes hundreds of thousands of research publications on stress, and uses the image of the stress scale and balance. The stress scale and balance reminds people that there are six core factors that people should always consider as a possible cause of imbalance. They are also the key to restoring the imbalance: the demands, the resources, social support, influence, time for recovery, and our interpretation of those five elements.

Discover his findings on how to keep a healthy mindset in the most unusual and stressful situations

Theo is a neuropsychiatrist, author of several bestsellers such as “Stress: Friend and Foe” and “BrainChains” as well as a faculty on the topic of Leadership, Safety and Stress Management in our Leadership & Safety Culture programme.

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