Creating global networks and boosting diversity

In our latest video, Antoine Deparday, Learning and Development Manager at Renault, explains why he believes MBE LiVE is essential for all global managers.

At Renault Group, CEDEP’s MBE LiVE online programme is strongly connected to the company’s latest ambitious strategic plan and internal transformation process, called ‘Renaulution’, initiated by CEO Luca de Meo.

Not only did MBE LiVE meet the needs of Renault during the pandemic, and help managers identify new business models with sustainable value, but the online programme continues to strengthen Renault’s global networks and boost diversity company-wide.

“CEDEP’s MBE LiVE’s distance learning format allows us to onboard managers from all around the world, from countries such as Colombia, South Korea and Iran, which would not be possible with a traditional residential programme,” Antoine says.

“This format brings more diversity into the programme, makes our managers feel more connected to their peers worldwide and helps them to adopt a valuable global approach.”

Watch our video to find out more about the key benefits and impact of MBE LiVE at Renault Group.


CEDEP MBE LiVE is an 8-week online programme that helps participants develop a big picture understanding of an organisation and reinforces their knowledge of key business fundamentals.

With content inspired by the MBA, the programme enables participants to appreciate business strategy, its connection with finance, the role of markets & customers, and an approach to analyse operations.

With a curriculum constantly refreshed to reflect emerging concerns, the newest version of the MBE will incorporate in-depth discussions on the impact of Digital Transformation and the need to take a sustainable view of business operations.

  • Four interactive modules over an 8-week period for time-bound learning
  • 12 faculty LiVE sessions and three industry expert discussions for shared learning and interactions
  • Industry experts and practitioners offering multiple industry insights
  • Cross-business group activities and exercises to develop stronger networks
  • Dedicated programme director to support participants through the course

Main objectives

The MBA inspired online curriculum, driven by today’s emerging real-life challenges, offers informed content, relevant actionable learning, and equips participants with practical advice and tools that will be invaluable to their day-to-day operations.

  • Learn how to adapt business decision making from a narrow functional view to a holistic, big picture view focused on sustaining business growth for the long term
  • Develop the ability to deconstruct business as a dynamic interconnected system operating in a complex, volatile strategic environment
  • Understand how various functions – finance, operations, marketing and others – must work together to successfully execute a business strategy and broaden career opportunities

For more information about CEDEP’s MBE LiVE and how to register, visit our programme pages or contact Muriel PAILLEUX at