A game-changer for L’Oréal management

Watch our latest video to find out why Malcolm Staves, Global VP Health and Safety at L’Oréal, co-creator of CEDEP’s L&SC, believes the programme has been a game-changer for L’Oréal management and is vital for any company.

CEDEP’s world-renowned Leadership & Safety Culture (L&SC) programme was co-created in 2008 by L’Oréal, driven by a need to develop better leaders – not just health and safety leaders, but line managers and operational managers who were responsible for the health and safety of their teams.

Today, L&SC is all about teaching these managers how to integrate health, safety and the wellbeing of their people into their leadership capabilities.

In our latest video, Malcolm Staves, Global VP Health and Safety at L’Oréal, shares some of the programme’s history and explains why it has such a remarkable impact.

“L&SC is vital for any company and has had a phenomenal impact at L’Oréal. It’s not just a matter of saying health, safety and wellbeing is a core value, but how do you put that into action?

“This unique programme has been a game-changer for L’Oréal management and has transformed our entire culture. It’s about being a complete leader. And there’s nothing like it,” Malcolm says.

Watch our video to find out more about the benefits, value and impact this unique health and safety training has on organisations all around the world.

L&SC programme

CEDEP’s L&SC is one of our flagship programmes designed to help participants rise to the many challenges involved in creating a healthier, more engaged and effective workforce. This includes creating a reliable and positive safety culture to:

  • Boost motivation
  • Increase engagement
  • Eliminate workplace accidents
  • Protect your company’s reputation
  • Lead to higher overall performance. 

During this immersive 4-day programme, participants learn how to motivate people, influence behaviour and be an inspiring leader who increases productivity through health and safety. Participants explore a new dimension of thought leadership that mixes cutting-edge science and research with deep experience and practical application.

There are three pillars to the programme which are combined to give the mindset, techniques and leadership behaviours for an immediate, positive and sustainable impact on organizational culture:

  • Knowledge of how to nurture and sustain a positive safety culture and of the human factors involved in risk perception, judgement and decision-making
  • Skills and performance in engaging and influencing stakeholders, developing cross-cultural agility and leading change
  • Behaviour shifting focus from simply ‘preventing accidents‘ to creating safety excellence through exceptional leadership, safety and stress management

For more information about CEDEP’s L&SC directed by Andrew Sharman and how to register, visit our programme pages or contact Muriel PAILLEUX at