How to enhance organisational performance in fast-changing global contexts

In his new article, Milton Bennett, CEDEP Learning Partner, and Director, Intercultural Development Research Institute, explores how to enhance organisational performance in fast-changing global contexts

Contrary to many myths surrounding cultural assimilation, globalisation has actually generated more emphasis on cultural diversity. In his latest article, CEDEP Learning Partner Milton Bennett, examines how all organisations face increased cultural variation in both external markets and internal workforces – and how competitive edge will go to those organisations that can turn their access to global diversity into an asset.

Bennett’s article explores how organisations can remain competitive by developing intercultural viability – the capacity to co-evolve in changing social eco-systems. This viability demands that leaders become more conscious and organisations become more agile.

At CEDEP, Bennett is General Management Programme (GMP) Faculty. He designed and teaches sessions for senior leaders on political correctness and building a climate of respect for diversity.

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