3rd Opus in the Lost in Management Series of our Learning Partner François Dupuy

Discover reflection on the complexity from the sociologist Francois Dupuy in his new book

The 3rd opus in the “Lost in management” series written by our professor, the sociologist Francois Dupuy, describes his reflection on the complexity that distinguishes structural complexity, functional complexity and relational complexity, which leads to a virtuous complexity that reconciles the performance of the company and the well-being of employees.

The time for solutions has arrived thanks to this 3rd volume because if the sociology of organisations is often criticised for stopping at diagnosis, you will find in this book all the tools and methods of a theory of action.

“Lost in management 3” by François Dupuy is the book to read for all those who “navigate” in companies nowadays because, as L’Express says in their article, it offers the most relevant reflection on management over the last ten years!

October 2020


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