5 ideas that could save thousands of workers lives

Read the last article from Andrew Sharman, our Safety & Leadership Programme Director, for Duke Corporate Education

Around the world, 2.78 million people died last year due to work accidents or work-related ill-health. An alarming and unacceptable number. A small improvement in safety at work could have a huge impact and culture is key according to Andrew Sharman, CEDEP’s Leadership & Safety Culture programme director.  

As nations and organizations feel the economic impact of Covid-19, there’s a risk of safety being sacrificed as the focus shifts onto rebuilding productivity and efficiency, according to Sharman. However, it’s important to remember that the economic benefits of increasing safety far outweigh any costs associated with making workplaces safer. 

He shares five ideas from his new book titled One Percent Safer, that could save thousands of workers’ lives and get safety leaders thinking about ways to get started with safety improvements in an article for Duke Corporate Education

Andrew is best-selling author of ten books on safety leadership and organisational culture and Programme Director of our programme Leadership and Safety Culture.

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