Conference Playing with AI

Enter the world of AI by strolling through a unique exhibition of 7 Interactive showcases such as the First Artificial Muse in the World of Art or Google and Microsoft experiment.

Discover different angles of AI from CEDEP’s member ecosystem such as “AI for all” from J.P. COURTOIS, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations President or “What happens next in AI?” from Dominique TURCQ, Professor at Sciences Po.

“AI for All” – Jean-Philippe Courtois – Executive Vice President and President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations.
As we harness the potential of AI, the opportunity ahead of us is almost endless. Businesses, governments, NGOs and the civil society need to partner together to truly empower everyone with AI and make it accessible to all.

“What happens next: Looking beyond the AI dimension” by Dominique Turcq – Professor at Sciences Po and President, Boostzone
The forces shaping the post digital world: in particular technologies (AI, Cognitive Sciences, Biology) but also sociology (need for proximity, fake news, tripadvisorisation) and the implications on the world of work and