Jean-Philippe Courtois is Executive Vice President and President, National Transformation Partnerships at Microsoft, where he focuses on transforming national economies, helping to create sustainable and inclusive economic growth through digital transformation, one country at a time.  

Through this investment, governments, citizens and businesses can leverage the world’s largest and most trusted cloud infrastructure network. For Jean-Philippe, this also involves empowering the people and organisations that do good through Microsoft’s Global Social Entrepreneurship Program.

He is also passionate about promoting the concept of Positive Leadership: how purpose-led leaders can generate a positive energy that achieves greater commercial success, individual happiness, team wellbeing and positive societal impact.

Jean-Philippe joined Microsoft in 1984 and most recently, led Microsoft’s commercial business across 124 subsidiaries worldwide as Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales, Marketing & Operations. In this role, he helped build vibrant ecosystems with small businesses, start-ups, public sector entities and partners, all the way to global industry leaders.

Outside of Microsoft, Jean-Philippe spends much of his time working with the Live for Good foundation, which he co-founded with his family in 2015. The foundation aims to unlock the potential of young people from all walks of life through social entrepreneurship, driving societal innovation through a purpose-led community.

He holds a Diplôme des Etudes Commerciales Supérieures (DECS) from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Nice (SKEMA) and has been its chairman of the board since 2017.

He also sits on the board of directors for ManpowerGroup, the global workforce solutions organisation.

A CEDEP board member since 2020, Jean-Phillippe is exceptionally well placed to advise both the board and faculty on the latest developments in IT and the revolutionary effects of technological advances on all aspects of life, industry and commerce. He is a regular public speaker on these subjects and passionate about the need for education to anticipate the accelerating rate of change.