Adrien Angliviel de la Beaumelle is a professional facilitator. He discovered facilitation 20 years ago and developed a passion for this job.  He delivers large-scale events, support of transformation, and change management, and is at ease in face-to-face and online environments.

His experience focuses on large to very large groups (20 to 500).  For him, facilitation is about engaging all participants, weaving rich conversations, nurturing experience sharing and cross-learning.  He aims at generating convergence and engagement at collective and individual levels. His sessions are always co-designed with his final clients, they are production-oriented, dynamic and fun, blending different type of modules in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

From 2005, Adrien has explored facilitation applied to pedagogy, his experience covers the facilitation of corporate universities, train the trainers and facilitated learning journeys.

Adrien is the author of several books about facilitation (the T book, the ADD book, Danone DIF)

In 2005, he co-founded The Value Web, an international network of facilitators which works in large multi-stakeholder sessions around the globe. The Value Web has been a partner of the World Economic Forum, strongly involved in the annual meeting in Davos. This network is also involved with other organisation such as: The Young Global Leaders, Gain alliance, the World Business Dialog etc. 

As an entrepreneur, he co-founded Wild is the Game which he left in 2018 to start another company: Col.or facilitation.

At CEDEP, Adrien is a Programme Director and brings his excellence on facilitation in several programmes.