Anil Sachdev is the Founder and CEO of Grow Talent Company Limited and the Founder and Chairman of School of Inspired Leadership-SOIL.

Grow Talent was the leader in HR consulting and brought Great Places to Work and Right Management to India as partners.

In October 2008, Anil and the other co-founders of Grow Talent entered the field of Education by creating SOIL- the School of Inspired Leadership. This innovative School has been co- created by a consortium of 32 leading firms. In 2019, Soil launched its second campus in Manesar- the SOIL School of Business Design.

Anil’s experience in India and across the world covers areas such as talent management, strategic change, and organizational transformation.

Anil began his career with Tata Motors after doing his MBA in 1975 and served the Eicher group from 1978 to 2001 in HR, Operations and Board level roles. He is the Founder of ECS, Eicher Consultancy Services and was its CEO till 2001. ECS was the JV partner of AT Kearney and introduced this global firm to India.

Later, ECS became a 50-50 JV with SDG- Strategic Decisions Group, Menlo Park, California- a firm founded by Stanford faculty members and graduates.

Anil is a member of the Academic Council and Faculty member of CEDEP,INSEAD campus, Fontainebleau,  a member of the World Compassion Council, based in Seattle and a Trustee of the Chinmaya Mission, a global not for profit organization. He serves on the Global Board of Shizenkan University in Tokyo.