With a career of 20 years within large organizations almost always in leadership development, Béatrice Rousset is experienced coach and facilitator. She has worked with hundreds of individuals from all kind of countries.

Béatrice specializes in helping leaders and their teams achieve higher levels of performance through the use of a powerful coaching framework around mental models, which she has developed and refined over many years. This framework embodies the philosophy and approach of ancient greeks,  philosopher Pierre Hadot, and “effectuation”, principles of entrepreneurial action from Saras Sarasvathy and Philippe Silberzahn.

Her learning experiences are designed to deliver concrete impacts on individual and collective mental models. Béatrice’s clients describe her style as enthusiastic, challenging and candid, yet respectful. She combines logic and intuition to stimulate new perspectives, catalysing the efforts of individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

She holds a master’s degree in management from Reims Management School and is certified as an Executive Coach from Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II).
Béatrice is co-author of the book, Stratégie modèle mental: cracking the code of organizations to put them back in motion.